Reactions to Putin’s speech, Meloni: “Desperate move”. Conte: “Escalation risk was already written”. Letta attacks: “No ambiguity”

The call to arms of the Kremlinwith the speech of Vladimir Putin announcing the partial mobilization and threatens the nuclear war, shakes the world. A news that comes in Italy in the middle of the final rush of the election campaign policies. From the Italian party leaders’ comments worry And condemnation.

Now “we have to be careful, compact. When one is nervous the consequences can be of any kind. It serves lucidity, compactness and diplomacy “. Comment Giorgia Meloni to Rtl 102.5 which underlines how “Putin’s speech betrays a great difficulty, weakness and despair“. For the leader of Brothers of Italy it is a “quite desperate move that precedes two actions, the referendum farce to annex the occupied Ukrainian territories and the partial mobilization, with which he will try to send the minorities and the desperate to their deaths ”.

Condemnation and appeal to the parties to take positions without ambiguity, that of Enrico Letta: “Italy is not with Russia, it is against Russia, against this desire to break the rules, to break international law. I would like – adds the secretary of Democratic party – that all political leaders lacciassero lose the ambiguity had so far “. According to Letta in Italy, “the right is full of ambiguity in its relations today with Putin’s imperialism. Italians – she added – should not vote for Putin’s friends. Putin participates in the September 25 vote and will be the first to look at the result. If the right-wing wins in Italy, Putin would be the first to celebrate ”.

“In Putin’s speech there is nothing new if not the rrisk of military escalation which was already written, with all that it entails and which we could not fail to calculate ”. It is the location Giuseppe Conte at Agorà on RaiTre which highlights how the 5 star movement he “always kept linearity and coherence. We are in support of Ukrainethe problem – he reiterates – is there strategy and Putin’s speech proves it. Do we want a military escalation without limits and borders? Do we accept this risk? I – adds Conte – are absolutely not in agreement, we already have one recession devastating economic. We can’t do as in Afghanistan, that one day we wake up and leave the ground to the Taliban ,. This strategy costs money ”, continues Conte for whom“ Putin’s words mean weakness, but weakness can coincide with despair ”.

A short comment is that of Matteo Salvini: for the leader of the League Putin’s move “is not good news”. “I hope the war ends as soon as possible“Said Salvini.


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