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from Roberto Gressi

The need for a broad coalition for the September challenge. The regret among the dem: the divided center-right immediately agreed

D.ire that he is worried to say the least. Also because every day in more quarrels, razors, controversies, threats, since then I go and go better, one less day of electoral campaign. To say it hasn’t crossed his mind these last few hours send everyone to hang out the clothespointing to the fact that according to the polls arrived yesterday perhaps a bit above Giorgia Meloniit would be mystification.

But Enrico Letta took the stigmata of the federator and if he keeps them. He has staked the entire figure of his secretariat of the Democratic Party on the fact that self-sufficiency is an illusion, he does not intend to back down noweven if the ending is still particularly uncertain: with the possible, probable, impossible allies who in these hours have done nothing but toss him from one side to the other.

Enrico can we go on like this. This is Carlo Calenda posting a video with Nicola Fratoianni saying no to the Draghi diary and another with Angelo Bonelli who tells him that a spoiled child and that must be educated. Read, don’t you say anything ?. These are Fratoianni and Bonelli who complain because Calenda said she doesn’t want to see them anymore, not even paintings. If this is the position of the secretary of the Democratic Party, many greetings. These are civic lists who do not want to make a list with Luigi Di Maio and who say that the symbol that avoids the burdensome and almost impossible collection of signatures to run for elections comes from Italy alive. And finally there is indeed Matteo Renziwho goes around the besieged fort and says that if Calenda comes to his senses he is ready to do the third pole with him.

N seem to serve the jokes of Matteo Orfini, who asks if there is not a hacker to send Twitter down for three days, so as to close the deal without drama. N the appeals of Dario Franceschini to which Calenda replies that outsourcing to the he wished well it doesn’t work with him.

And here it is Calenda, who in the evening makes that filter the agreement with the Democratic Party provides for the s to NATO e to the Draghi agenda and that if Letta signs other antithetical agreements (with the Greens and the Italian Left) that’s over for him.

The secretary of the Democratic Party claims to have led the party that more than all the others proved loyal to Mario Draghi and that there is no contradiction in adding civil rights and a greater fight against inequalities, which were held back by the presence in the partisan government. of the center-right. And that the seriousness and patriotism of the Draghi agenda are an undisputed heritage.

Not just a match game with the possible ally, made to pass on the responsibility of a possible rupture on the other. For Letta, drop the attempt to build a broad coalition it would be like deciding to lose at the table against the right without even taking the field.

Really, they say in the dem rooms, do you want to risk blowing everything up for a regasification plant? And it should be remembered that on the other side an electoral agreement was closed in a few hours, passing over, without a shot being fired, over much more marked differences. In the center-right, it is observed, there are those who supported the Draghi government and those who opposed that government from the very first minute. Not to mention foreign policy, with Giorgia Meloni convinced Atlanticist and with Silvio Berlusconi and Matteo Salvini sensitive to the demands of the man who invaded Ukraine, Vladimir Putin.

Always at the Nazarene one responds to those who were and still tempted by an alliance with Giuseppe Conte’s Five Stars. The does not remain solidand not only because Conte, together with Forza Italia and the Lega has sunk the government, but because he is starting an electoral campaign that will have Alessandro Di Battista at the forefront, who has never made any secret of feeling more on the side of the autocrat Russian rather than that of Europe and the United States.

Pushes not to throw it all away continue to come from + Europe’s Emma Bonino and Bruno Tabacci himself says to stop with the

, because he is of a certain age and knows that if you continue like this it ends badly. The mayor of Pesaro, Matteo Ricci, defends the path of bilateral agreements and it brings to mind other years, in which Silvio Berlusconi thus put together, against the left, Umberto Bossi and Gianfranco Fini. It is difficult to say how much the game is still open and you can feel how much the joke of Maurizio Gasparri, who considers the diatribes of the uncertain alliance a cartoon, although dictated by partisan spirit, is not devoid of elements of truth.

Waiting for the next, imminent, episode, from the parts of Secretary of the Democratic Party continues to bet all chips on the agreement, considered absolutely essential with this electoral law. But there is also strong fear of cupio dissolve.

August 6, 2022 (change August 6, 2022 | 07:09)

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