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“Ours is the square of the Italy of hope, which looks to the future, very different from that of the right, of the Italy of fear,” said Letta. “The comeback in recent days is the result of the fact that in our party there is the best political class in the territories”. Then the final exhortation: “Long live the EU, democratic and progressive Italy, long live the Democratic Party. Let’s go and win”. If the center-right made the party leaders parade, Letta also brought the governors to the stage and showed video messages from international left-wing leaders, such as Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Hungarian MEP Clara Dobrev. Another war of images: the Europeanism of the Democratic Party against the closeness of Meloni and Matteo Salvini to President Viktor Orban. “I was criticized because I went to Berlin – said Letta – It’s obvious they only go to Budapest ….”. And then: “We are here to face the problems and solve them and we want to do it with a policy that is united and above all European. Long live Europe, enough with this anti-European narrative”. On stage, before him, two expressions of that Democratic Party that Letta began to build with the democratic Agora: Roberto Speranza and Elly Schlein. His words warmed the militants. And showing an anti Meloni: “I am a woman – said the vice president of Emilia Romagna – I love another woman, I am not a mother, but I am no less a woman for this. We are not living wombs, we are people with their rights”. Then another lunge: “Being a woman is not enough to help other women. There is a big difference between female and feminist leadership.” Applause also for the governor of Campania, Vincenzo De Luca. Her own show: “Yesterday a strange event took place here, half psychedelic and halfway through a burina festival, there was a specimen raised in the Po prairies, a fresh 86-year-old groom, a little soft, barzotto, then appeared a figure dressed in white, from first communion, was an enchanting image, but as soon as he began to speak the enchantment vanished and Sora Cecioni appeared, Sora Gina “. And then, looking at Letta: “I don’t feel like saying that we offer a crackling and pyrotechnic secretary, and oh well, he doesn’t. But we offer executives of great competence, honesty and seriousness, able to speak to Europe”. Despite the predictions, Letta keeps repeating: “No destiny is already written”. Before going on stage, interviewed on TV, he also went where he had not gone so far: “I am available” to be prime minister, “above all determined to ensure that on Sunday we convince the Italians”. Final meeting with collective embrace: ministers, group leaders, governors … And “Live Is Life”. For the center-right there was Pupo: “About us”.

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