Ready for a new relationship Jennifer Aniston is looking for a FIT PARTNER: “I don’t want to end up in a wheelchair at 80”

Jennifer Aniston Ever since the iconic role of Rachel in the series “Friends”, it has been popular with viewers all over the world. When she made her Instagram debut last year, she gathered several million fans within a few days. Her private life is of particular interest, especially issues related to her subsequent love affairs. Some believe that the actress and her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, were still united by sentiment, and even something more …

Recall that Aniston she was married twice. First relationship with Brad Pitt lasted five years – in 2005, the couple divorced after the actor fell into a fateful affair romance with Angelina Jolie. Only 10 years later, Jenn decided to stand on the wedding carpet again. This time at my husband’s side, Justin Theoruxlasted two years. Today, Jennifer maintains a good relationship with both ex-husbands.


Recently, the star was a guest of the broadcast “Radio Andy” on Sirius XM, and one of the topics was the love life of the star of “Friends”. Despite the fact that the actress appreciates the charms of being single, she found that she could already enter into a serious relationship.

No one has appeared on my radar yet, but I think so the time has finally come. I guess I am ready to share my life with another person – she said.

The 52-year-old revealed that she spent a total of 30 years in permanent relationships, which is why she appreciated the last years that she could devote to herself.


I didn’t want to go out with anyone for a long time and enjoyed being alone with myself. From the age of 20 I was connected with someone all the time Brad Pitt’s ex-wife confessed.

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The serial star also revealed what criteria must be met by its potential partner.


When the first conversation is free and natural, that’s a good sign. Confidence is important, but not conceit. A sense of humor, I am begging you for it. Generosity, being nice to people. You only need a few essentials – she said.

A healthy lifestyle is also important. It’s not just what someone looks like, but I’d like to live yet and not end up in a wheelchair at 80 Aniston added.

Do you think he will find the perfect candidate?

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