“Ready for anything” – will there be another season of this iconic series? Fans have no doubts!

Ready for everything

10 years have passed since the last episodes of the series “Ready for Everything” – did its creators decide to surprise us on this occasion? In the past, there have been many rumors about the alleged work on the next season of the series, but so far people involved in the production have vehemently denied them. The enigmatic information that has recently appeared on the Internet caused quite a stir among the fans.

The first season of the series “Ready for Everything” premiered in 2004. It is also important that This year it will be 10 years since the creators released the episodes of “Ready for Everything” for the last time. The story of four women on Wisteria Lane has stolen the hearts of people around the world. The series very quickly gained great popularity also in Poland. For several days now, one question has been echoing in the minds of fans – can we count on the next, 9 season of “Ready for Everything”?

The trend of last year clearly shows that the creators are very eager to return to their past productions. The most recent and loudest returns include: “Sex and the City”, “Gossip Girl” and “Harry Potter”. Is it time to unfold the story of Gabrielle, Lynette, Bree and Suzan?

The American station ABC and Cherry Productions have produced 8 seasons so far this iconic season. The amazing adventures of four women: Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria), Susan Mayer (Teri Hatcher), Bree Van de Camp (Marcia Cross) and Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman)), who lived in the suburbs of Fairview, were the show’s theme. Kept in the climate of a comedy-drama, it enjoyed great popularity – showing the life of housewives full of scandals and intrigues turned out to be an absolute hit. It is worth mentioning that the subsequent seasons of “Ready for Everything” were also highly appreciated by critics, winning as many as 26 awards (including Golden Globes, Emmys and Screen Actors Guild Awards).

For the last few years false information about the start of work on the next seasons of this series appeared relatively often on the web. It was therefore a big surprise for the fans Twitter entry from December 31 by … the original creators of the series. In the picture we can see 5 actresses from the original cast. The caption is short and mysterious: “We are looking forward to 2022“However, many people say that it leaves no doubt. If it is so – we are also waiting! Will we actually be able to watch the 9th season of” Ready for Everything “soon? We sincerely hope this is true!

Many fans treated this information as a kind of announcement and announcement. It seems that not only we have waited a long time for this information – it is mostly among the commenters positive reactions, incl. “I wish everyone would come back and shoot the new season“,”Could it be another season in 2022?“,”I miss them!“.

Actress Eva Longoria from the very beginning spoke very positively about the possible return to work on the series. She also openly admitted that she had often wondered how Gabrielle’s fate had turned out.

I mean, we ended the show right where [Gaby] starts his own business. So I would like to take up the topic and see how this business develops. Is she like Kris Jenner? Simply fantastic – it flies all over the world and manages all companies? I would like to think of something and see where her children are and what they do, who they turned out to be – Eva Longoria told Radio Times.

In turn, in 2018, in the Loose Woman program, another main actress – Teri Hatcher, confessed:

I will be the first person to [wróci]. God, I never wanted this to end. I love these characters.

AND how the creator of the series spoke about the next season? At the end of last year, v in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mark Cherry expressed his openness for these types of activities:

In the case of “Ready for Everything”, I was lucky about the cast, I also had something to say through this series. If I wanted to come back to it, I would have to come up with a completely new idea about what will drive it. I already know the formula, it would definitely be fun to try when more time and money come in – he claimed.

Admit it, who had a tear in the eye at the thought of the great return of their favorite characters? We can therefore wait for the official confirmation of this information!

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