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The United States they have decided to change pace and are managing the Ukrainian crisis more actively. President Joe Biden however, it is not finding easy banks in the main European partners: yesterday a restricted meeting was held between the American leader, Emmanuel Macron, Boris Johnson and Olaf Scholz. The latter is the most reluctant to support the Russian gas embargo proposed by the US, given that Germany would need months to reduce its dependence on Moscow from this point of view.

Genocide in Ukraine.  The shock testimony of the captured Russian lieutenant: Vladimir Putin's real plan |  Video

Furthermore, the availability given to Biden regarding military aid to Ukraine is not complete. And so the United States decided to go it alone, having the skills and strength: the suspension of trade relations with Russia is ready and the sending of another 500 soldiers to Germany and Poland, for a total of about 100 thousand American soldiers deployed on the European territory. According to the latest rumors from CNN, the United States is also considering the delivery of Patriot or Thaad missiles to NATO partners capable of shooting down rockets or bombers.

Katerina Peskova, the ex-wife of Putin's spokesperson humiliates Russia: pay attention to this photo |  Look

Moreover Antony Blinken, secretary of state, is trying to persuade Poland and Romania to send Mig-29 fighters to Ukraine. Among the European leaders heard by Biden yesterday, only Johnson showed a certain willingness to support the plan, while Macron and above all Scholz remained more distant: they fear above all the possible reactions of Putin on Poland and Romania.

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