Real Madrid manager considering switch to double pivot after Camavinga, Tchoumeni injuries

Former Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has clarified that his comments on Real Madrid winning their 14th UEFA Champions League title were taken out of context.

Pick said just a few weeks ago los blancos’ The last UCL triumph will not be remembered because they were not the best team. However, in a recent interview he talked about el largueroThe guard clarified,

“This is a specific phrase taken out of context. I can explain it 20,000 times. “He has a lot of talent to win the Champions League.” He said.

So what was the context?

He said that although he does not want to take anything away from Real Madrid, their path to the final and the way they played in the knockouts was not in the champions’ eyes.

He said that when Barcelona won the competition, they were better than others from the beginning. At no time did he fight for results.

Real Madrid, on the other hand, had to rely on a late comeback and this type of victory is not acceptable at Barcelona.

“I don’t want to take any credit away from Madrid, but just want to explain how it was won. The 5 Champions League titles Barça has won is five seasons of being better than everyone else.

Pique clarified on the statement on Real Madrid. (Photo by Josep Lago/AFP via Getty Images)

“Madrid’s last Champions League run was proof that Real Madrid was never superior in any sport.

“Maybe I’ll clarify. They won’t remember it for their play, they’ll remember it for other things, for the epic comeback.

“But that’s enough for them and that’s the greatness of Real Madrid, that a good performance for five minutes in a semi-final against City gets you the win.”

“That’s a good thing. Barcelona won’t win any knockout games because they were better for five minutes.” He added.

Judging by what Pique said, perhaps the reason why the Blaugrana have not won the UEFA Champions League for a long time is because they cannot qualify for the knockouts by being the better team in the first place.

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