Real Madrid – Mercato: Merengue target the “new Bernardo Silva”

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Always on the lookout for the best developing talents on the planet, Real Madrid make about one move to Brazil per year to strengthen themselves. But the Merengue also has its eye on Portugal where they have made some good bets in the past as was the case with Pepe or Angel Di Maria.

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Real scouts are after Joao Neves

If we are to believe Mercato journalist Ekrem Konur, Real will have consideration and close monitoring of Benfica’s young attacking midfielder Joao Neves (19 years old), who has been making his mark since January.

The 2022 Youth League winner, Gestifute’s last nugget is still an option for the Eagles (10 appearances, 1 assist this season) but he has been promised a bright future, with his rating climbing to €20m on the latest Transfermarkt update Is.

to sum up

According to Ekrem Konur, Real Madrid will pursue Benfica’s new rising nugget, Joao Neves (19 years old). In addition to the regular search for Brazil and its nuggets, Merengue is always on the lookout for young European talents.

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