Real Madrid vs. Osasuna, match results, summary and goals: 4-0 win with double and merengue festival in Bellingham

Real Madrid beat Osasuna 4-0 In this way, he single-handedly maintains the leadership of La Liga.times the jude bellinghamgoal from plus Vinicius and another Joselmissed a penalty, giving Carlo Ancelotti’s side three points.

After Merengue took the lead in the 9th minute, Osasuna tried to take control of the match midway through the first half, but Madrid showed they were far superior. bellingham.

From the start of the second half, Madrid attacked relentlessly. Bellingham scored again to make it 2-0, scoring 10 goals in 10 games and becoming the absolute star of the season.. Sergio Herrera saved a penalty against Real Madrid’s No. 9, but Vinicius and Josel produced an even better result.

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How was Real Madrid vs.? Osasuna?final score

Device 1T 2T Last
real madrid 1 3 Four
Osasuna 0 0 0

the goal:

  • RMA – J. Bellingham – Min 9
  • RMA – J. Bellingham – Min 54
  • RMA – Vinicius – Min 65
  • RMA – Josel – Min 70

Real Madrid vs. Osasuna, Live & Direct

full time. Real Madrid won 4-0 against Osasuna. Meringue is pure power and holds the number one spot in the classification.

90 minutes. Three minutes will be added at the Bernabéu.

83 minutes. Herrera blocked Joselu’s penalty and avoided Lucas Vazquez’s goal with the rebound.

82 minutes. Penalty against Real Madrid. Kike Barja advised:

80 minutes. The latest changes for Osasuna: Ibáñez, Raúl and Quique Barja enter the field, while R. Peña, Moncayola and Aimar leave.

78 minutes. Real Madrid double change: Carvajal and Modric replaced by Lucas Vázquez and Brahim.

77 minutes. Carvajal’s shot went over the crossbar.

72 minutes. Changes in Madrid. Ancelotti replaced Bellingham and Vinicius with Dani Ceballos and Rodrygo.

71 minutes. Changes in Osasuna. Rubén García and Budimir left the club, replaced by Jose Arnaiz and Chimy Ávila.

70th minute, Real Madrid goal! Josel scores on the scoreboard. The forward received a big clearance from Vinicius, invaded from the right and scored.

Josel’s goal for Real Madrid (available in Argentina)

66 minutes. Changes at Madrid: Toni Kroos replaces Camavinga.

65th minute, Real Madrid goal! Vinicius left Herrera out of the way and scored in an empty goal. The Brazilian received a great pass from Valverde and sped away.

Vinicius’ goal for Real Madrid (available in Argentina)

59 minutes. Choameni reprimanded Peña for the foul.

58 minutes. Vinicius’ shot went wide and hit the entrance to the area.

57 minutes. Kepa’s brilliant reaction saw Peña’s shot go into the corner.

Real Madrid goal in the 54th minute! Bellingham and Genius. The Englishman started the game, playing a one-two with Valverde and scoring in the tunnel ahead of Herrera.

Bellingham’s second goal for Real Madrid (available in Argentina)

50 minutes. Camavinga’s shot from the edge of the area went just wide.

46 minutes. Josel’s left-footed shot went right past Sergio Herrera’s left post.

second half begins. There will be no changes to the squad, with Real Madrid and Osasuna already starring in the second half at the Bernabéu.

First half finished. Halftime arrived with a 1-0 partial victory for Madrid. Merengue quickly took the lead with Bellingham’s goal and although they started out much superior, Osasuna followed suit and came close to tying the score.

45+1 minutes. What Budimir has lost in the penalty spot is unbelievable.

45 minutes. A minute was added at the Bernabéu.

44 minutes. After Modric’s loan, Josel missed a shot under the goal.

41 minutes. Moncayola’s right shot from the front went into close range.

39 minutes. Rudiger gets booked for a foul on Toro.

35 minutes. While Real Madrid waits, Osasuna tries to steal the ball.

half an hour. Aleso’s shot goes over the crossbar.

23 minutes. Vinicius’ shot went over the crossbar.

20 min. Madrid’s best moments. Ancelotti’s side were far better than Osasuna, dominating the ball and forcing Rojillo into the goal.

15 minutes. Osasuna approached with a cross ball from the right in the center of the area that no one could connect with.

9th minute, Real Madrid goal! Modric uses the law of advantage due to the foul on Camavinga to play with Dani Carvajal, who assists Bellingham, and the Englishman does not miss.

Bellingham’s goal for Real Madrid (available in Argentina)

6th minute. Madrid’s first approach ended with a cross from Josel.

start the match. Guillermo Cuadra Fernandes gave the signal and it started at the Bernabéu. Real Madrid and Osasuna have already played a match.

Madrid made three changes. For the Champions League match against Napoli, Nacho, Kroos and Rodrygo will be replaced by Mendy, Modric and Josel.

Welcome to Santiago Bernabéu! La Liga leaders Real Madrid have one objective in playing Osasuna: to win and stay on top.

Real Madrid confirmed squad

Kepa; Dani Carvajal, Aurélien Choameny, Antonio Rudiger, Ferland Mendy. Federico Valverde, Eduardo Camavinga, Luka Modric. Jude Bellingham. Josel and Vinicius.

Osasuna lineup confirmed

Sergio Herrera. Rubén Peña, David García, Alejandro Catena, Alvaro Juan Cruz Almada. John Moncayola, Lucas Toro, Aimar Oros. Ruben Garcia, Ante Budimir, Ruben Peña.

Where and how to watch Real Madrid vs Real Madrid in Osasuna?Schedules, TV channels and online streaming

  • Day: Saturday, October 7th
  • time: Spain 16:15 (Canary Islands 15:15, Argentina 11:15, 10:15 ET, CDMX 8:15)
  • Stadium: Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid
  • TV channel:
    • Spain: Movistar La Liga
    • Argentina: D sports
    • united states of america: ESPN Deportes
    • Mexico:Sky Sports
  • Streaming:
    • Spain: Movistar+
    • Argentina: digo
    • united states of america: ESPN+
    • Mexico: blue to go

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