“real vampires” criticize the couple

The leaders of some groups that call themselves vampires have criticized the habits of the actress and her fellow musician, who have confirmed the rumors by saying that yes, they drink each other’s blood. For ritual reasons, they say. There are also those who invite the two to take precautions before ingesting the blood of others, recommending tests to verify the absence of diseases

After the confirmation arrived from Megan Fox about the indiscretions (put around by herself) about her and her partner’s habit of drinking each other’s blood, criticism is raining from everywhere.
But the bizarre thing is that the criticisms do not come mostly from those who consider it rather bizarre and crazy to drink from the veins of others, but from those who have become accustomed to it: the organizations of “vampires”.

Well yes, the world is full of hobbies and strange obsessions, including that of drinking blood: there are several groups whose members define themselves as “true vampires”, therefore dedicated to the ritual of the strange cocktail for which Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly.

For example, there is the New Orleans Vampire Association, whose founder Belfazaar Ashantison has spoken out about the “blood-gate” of the Fox-Gun Kelly house. The head of this vampire organization has invited the two to take the necessary precautions before tasting each other’s blood, strongly advising them to carry out tests that avoid the presence of potential diseases that can be transmitted via blood.

Instead Father Sebastiaan, founder of the Endless Night Vampire Ball, criticizes the stars declaring that blood should always be drawn only and exclusively by professional doctors, which his draculean association will therefore be used to doing, probably using a medical team for to draw the elixir of life, indeed: of long iron and short anemia…
It should be noted that the authoritative voices of the vampire sector did not make themselves heard of their own free will: it was the US site tmz extension to contact those who are members of the aforementioned organizations, to ask them for their comment on the matter. Because maybe they live in the shadows, or rather: in the dark, according to Bram Stoker.

The words of Megan Fox


Megan Fox: ‘Me and Machine Gun Kelly drink each other’s blood’

The American actress and model had confirmed the rumors circulating about her love life, revealing to the English edition of the magazine Glamorous that she and Machine Gun Kelly really drink each other’s blood. The rumors had been generated by Megan, who mentioned this couple’s hobby quite a bit on Instagram Sui generis.

Last January, announcing their official engagement, she added that – after accepting his proposal – they sanctioned the pact with the proverbial blood pact. But this time drinking it.
Appearing on the cover of the British fashion magazine and protagonist of a long interview, to the question relating to the blood ritual she replied: “It’s just a few drops, but yes, sometimes we consume each other’s blood, only for ritual purposes”.

“I said yes… and then we drank each other’s blood”, that is what Megan Fox told her followers on IG, had left most quite stunned. “I guess drinking each other’s blood can divert people or that leads them to imagine us with glasses… It’s just a couple of drops, but yes, we drink each other’s blood sometimes, only for ritual purposes”, the diva then had to underline. Although it is not that the scandal was about the amount of blood taken. It’s not the milliliter or the centiliter that scandalizes, probably.

Why are Fox and her boyfriend drinking each other’s blood?


Megan Fox denies a kiss and leaves Machine Gun Kelly alone on the red carpet

The question arises: why? On the contrary: but why?!

Megan Fox has admitted that drinking the blood of her new partner after her divorce from Brian Austin Green would have a precise, symbolic and specific meaning. But she never really went into detail.
“I read tarot cards and I’m passionate about astrology. I’m doing all these metaphysical practices and meditations. And I do rituals when there’s a new moon or a full moon, and all other things like that. When I do it, it’s a passage or it’s used for a reason. And it’s a controlled ‘Let’s drop a couple of drops of blood and drink each other’ style situation. He’s so much more messy and frenetic and chaotic, he’d be willing to just smash open his chest with a piece of glass broke and say ‘Take my soul,’” the star said during the interview of Glamorous UK.
As well as calling out to “real vampires,” as he did tmz extension, we are now waiting for someone to question some authoritative voice in the medical field, perhaps. Unless one of the leading experts on the subject wants to step straight into the lawsuit: Robert Pattinson, alias the vampire Edward Cullen from “Twilight”…

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