Reality, the new film by Tina Satter

In her new film, Tina Satter tells the story of Reality Winner, through her interrogation by the FBI. In theaters August 16.

The initial idea might seem absurd, even a bit wobbly: to stick only, by way of dialogue, to the lines of the minutes of an FBI interrogation at the home of a whistleblower, integrating up to to the slightest stutters, coughing fits and censored moments.

The process makes Reality a particular investigative film, but which would be little more than an exercise in style without this camera capturing more closely an increasingly heavy tension between the protagonists, among whom Sydney Sweeney (seen in the series The White Lotus, Euphoria, The Handmaid’s Tale) pulls out of the game beautifully, juggling between strength of character and fragility.

But it is above all the faculty of the director, Tina Satter, to maintain a grating suspense with finally “three times nothing” which hits the target.

Xavier Bonnet

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Realization : Tina Satter

Distribution :

  • Sydney Sweeney: Reality Winner
  • Josh Hamilton: Garrick
  • Marchant Davis: Taylor
  • Benny ElledgeJoe
  • John Way (III): FBI Agent
  • Darby: Mickey
  • Arlo: Mina

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