reanimated for 50 minutes he dies in hospital

He leaves the road in his car, is rescued by a passing ambulance but there has been nothing for him to do. Lorenzo Toffolini, born in 1956, died this morning after a 50-minute resuscitation.

The accident

Toffolini was rescued this morning by the crew of an ambulance in transit in the Ciconicco di Fagagna area. The doctors noticed a car off the road inside which the man was, unconscious probably due to an illness: the rescuers thus activated with a resuscitation that lasted for about 50 minutes. The regional health emergency operational structure then sent the crew of a medical car from Udine and an ambulance from San Daniele del Friuli to the site: the resuscitation maneuvers continued, in an ambulance with a doctor on board, until the arrival in emergency room, in the hospital, where the man unfortunately died.

Who was

Lorenzo Toffolini, born in 1956, was a retired railway worker: he started there managerial career to Udinese football (he was also team manager, succeeding Baron Franco Causio) after being a good player in the amateur leagues. He played, among others, in the teams of Trivignano Udinese, in the Union of Nogaredo di Prato Faugnacco and in the Spilimbergo. Originally from Coseano, he leaves behind his wife and child. He still worked for Udinese as a commercial agent.

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