Rebecca Hall teases work on upcoming sequel!

Filming has finished Godzilla vs Kong 2the second chapter of the film directed again by Adam Wingard. One of the original cast members, Rebecca Hall makes his return to the film and, without revealing much about the plot, talks about his experience on the set and the relationship with Brian Tyree Henry and the director.

In a recent interview for Herald Sun, the actress said: “I had a lot of fun in the last film, and I loved all the crew members. I loved Adam Wingard – he’s an eccentric visionary in terms of filmmaking and he just makes me happy be part of its neon universe. The people behind and in the film are amazing.

The actress continues like this, adding to the general enthusiasm towards the collaboration with Brian Tyree Henry: “I really was excited to work with Brian Tyree Henry who I wasn’t able to work with last time, we share a lot so this is great. In short, the whole process was enjoyable“.

We inform you that Godzilla will be released on November 3, 2023. The plot of the new chapter of the saga is still uncertain, but broadly the Warner Bros revealed that the second film will explore the origins of the two protagonist monstersbut there will also have to face ua new colossal challenge that comes from the hinterland. In short, serious trouble awaits.

Meanwhile, for cheer up your eveningwe refer you to the video of a cat instead of Kong in Godzilla vs Kong, made by OwlKitty.

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