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In 2015, Rihanna put on a memorable show at Rock in Rio. Among the thousands of fans who flocked to sing and dance to the hits “Umbrella” and “All of the Lights”, there was a teenager who went to work at the festival and took the opportunity to watch one of her favorite artists perform. Little did I know that seven years would be her, Rebeccato be presented at the Rock in Rio Lisbon. 🎤🤩

“I got a ticket and it happened to be on the same day as Rihanna’s concert and I could watch it from afar, but I was there. I looked around and thought: ‘it would be amazing if I sang at Rock in Rio’. But I wasn’t even a singer yet. That was a very distant reality, but I really wanted to be there. I still can’t believe I’m at Rock in Rio”, celebrates the singer from Rio de Janeiro, who will perform Sunday, 26/6, on the Galp Music Valley stage, in the ninth edition of the festival in Portugalin an interview with gshow.

Rebecca during the Carnival block presentation — Photo: Disclosure

Rebecca found out that she would be at Rock in Rio on her way to a rehearsal when several portals reported the show. She says that she intends to deliver the “best presentation that ever existed” and despite describing a “very great pressure to take the culture of Brazil to another country”, she reinforces that it is “gratifying to see that the reward came after a lot of work”.

The artist did not save. She will bring 28 people from her own team to the festival and invested around R$ 250,000 in the project. Rebecca jokes that she will return with the “dirty name” of Europe, but believes the performance will change her career. “All I’m doing is to deliver a show that I’m going to be satisfied with.”

In a presentation that promises a lot of funk and samba too, she will have a special guest: Angolan singer Anselmo Ralph. The two recently recorded “Só Por Uma Canção”, a musical partnership that also featured Jimmy P.

Rebecca is looking forward to performing at Rock in Rio Lisboa — Photo: Instagram

Rebecca is looking forward not only to Rock in Rio Lisboa, but also to the release of her first album, which should take place between September and October. “I want to do work that represents me. The shows will come back after the festival, the contractors will prepare their pockets”, she said, laughing.

Rebecca highlights the recording of the song “A Coisa Tá Preta”, with Elza Soares, as one of the most exciting moments in her career, which began just four years ago. Her grandmother was a fan of the singer, which made the 24-year-old grow up listening to the artist, who died in January of natural causes at the age of 91.

“It was difficult, because I was a new name in the market. She didn’t know my work, but she loved my music and was moved by the video. It was a wonderful and unforgettable afternoon, in which I was able to fulfill my dream of singing a funk samba with Elza Soares”.

— Rebecca

Passista since I was little

Another great passion of Rebecca is Carnival. She started attending the Salgueiro court at the age of 10, through her grandfather, who was the harmony director of the dancers’ wing of the samba school. Since then, the singer has only been out of the shows for a year due to professional commitments.

“This relationship with samba helped me a lot to communicate and have a posture on stage, talk to the public because that’s what I did at Salgueiro. Funk and samba are two different aspects, but two rhythms created in community. I learned there I put it in my work”, she concludes, excited about everything that is to come! Does anyone doubt that she will rock? 💃🎶

Excited?! See more about Rebecca by clicking here! 👀👇

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