Reborn, the TV movie about Manuel Bortuzzo: when on air

The story of Manuel Bortuzzo became a TV movie: Sunday May 8 at 21.25 it will be broadcast in first vision on Rai 1 ‘Born again‘. The film is entirely dedicated to the dramatic story involving the former young promise of swimming, who in 2019 lost the use of his legs after being the victim of a shooting. Alessio Boni plays the role of Franco Bortuzzo, while Giancarlo Commare will be the former swimmer.

The words of Giancarlo Commare on Manuel Bortuzzo

During a recent interview with the weekly Gente, the Sicilian actor made statements before the airing of the feature film, admitting that it was not easy to play this role. Manuel, in the night between 2 and 3 February 2019 was hit in the back by a few gunshots, which forced him to a wheelchair, interrupting his competitive dream forever. “He has always shown great strength and determination, carrying on the message that in life one must be resilient and be reborn from one’s ashes.“commented Commare.

Being reborn: a story of hope

The message that we want to launch with the film on the legal affair linked to Manuel Bortuzzo is first of all that of a story of hope. The story of a boy who saw his life completely change from one moment to the next, but who nevertheless did not give up, he left and went back to designing. In the near future Botuzzo will participate in the next ones Paris Paralympics.

Manuel Bortuzzo returns to training in the pool

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Manuel Bortuzzo returns to training in the pool

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