Recalled product of one of the most famous supermarket chains

Carefully evaluating what we buy is essential if we want to preserve our health. However, this is not what is happening with a product made by one of the best-known supermarket chains.

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Focusing on the offers available at the supermarket is more than normal, even more so in a difficult period like the current one experienced by many families. Sometimes, however, despite this, we end up choosing something that is sure to rely on, focusing on a well-known brand thinking that this is also synonymous with quality. And it doesn’t matter if this means having to spend a little more. Many, however, do not fail to buy those foods and not only those that have the brand of the chain in which they are located because this allows them to save money. Again, however, being cautious doesn’t hurt.

Beware of a product from a well-known supermarket chain

Although many do not know it or tend not to remember itbuying a product that bears the name of the supermarket chain we go to does not necessarily mean that it is a sub-brand. Often, in fact, these realities enter into commercial agreements with important manufacturing companies, which agree not to admit their name on the package.

Saving therefore does not necessarily mean a guarantee of lower quality. On the contrary. But as in all things, it would still be good to carefully evaluate what we decide to put in our cart.

This concept should not only be in the mind of those who are on a diet, but a little of everyone. After all, some small whim is still granted.

Among the foods that are loved even by the little ones there are for example the frankfurters, which are also appreciated as an ingredient on pizza. However, one of these was recently withdrawn from the market after some negative reports.

A report of concern

The problems were reported by Conad, who posted a note on its official website to inform of the decision to withdraw a batch of the Pure pork sausage with its own brand.

The product is made by Grandi Salumifici Italiani Spa and concerns those with batch number 20/10/2022, with expiry date or minimum conservation term of 20 October 2022 and EAN code 8003170086661.

The decision concerns both the 2 x 250 gram packs and the single 250 gram packs.

However, the company reported that it wanted to move in this direction above all as a precaution. Based on the findings made, there could have been a physical risk for those who would have eaten this food: it is not excluded, in fact, that they were contained pieces of plastic.

Conad sausage (web photo)

Anyone who has purchased one or more packages belonging to the aforementioned lot is obviously invited to do not consume the product and bring it back to the point of sale. This operation also allows you to get a refund for the amount spent.

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