“Reckless Nuclear Threats”: Biden thunders against Putin’s escalation

We have a permanent member of the Security Council and he has invaded a neighbor of his with the aim of taking him off the map. Russian President Putin sent out more threats today. The Kremlin is organizing a sham referendum, which is a huge violation“to international law. In his speech at the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations, Joe Biden answered thus to Vladimir Putinafter the double announcement by the head of the Kremlin on the holding of annexation referendums in the regions conquered by the Russian army and on the partial mobilization to be held in Russia in relation to the war in Ukraine.

Biden’s answer

There was expectation for Biden’s intervention. Also because, in recent days, the democratic leader had issued a clear warning to his Russian counterpart on the use of atomic weapons. In response, Putin replied using threatening words: “Some eminent NATO figures have spoken of the possibility of using weapons of mass destruction against Russia. I remind them of the following: our country also has these weapons“. Well, Biden defined these words.”nuclear threats reckless And irresponsible” Why “ua nuclear war cannot be won and must never be launched“.

Not only that: the tenant of the White House has increased the dose by defining “farce referendum“the Kremlin referendums in the Donbass.”Russia has shamefully violated the basic principles of the UN charter by invading Ukraine“, Biden thundered, adding that the one in progress is”a war to eliminate Ukraine’s right to exist as a state and Ukrainians to exist as a people“The United States, Biden then said,”they ask the peace immediate“, and that they are”agreements that we all accept“. However, it cannot find space in such agreements.”the acquisition of the land of another country“.

“Increase UN Security Council members”

Biden has called for the enlargement of the United Nations Councilwith the purpose of “respect the principles“founding the birth of the UN. The US president then drew a red line:”Permanent members of the Security Council must refrain from using the vetoapart from truly exceptional cases“We recall that the Council is composed of five permanent members (USA, Russia, China, United Kingdom and France) and ten non-permanent members elected to represent the member countries of the United Nations.

If a country can “pursue imperial ambitions without consequences“, this “jeopardizes everything the United Nations is fighting for. We are with Ukraine, period. We did not hesitate, we chose freedom, sovereignty, the principles of the United Nations Charter“, Biden continued.

The US president’s speech was expected around 4:30 pm. There was a delay of about half an hour. “We are rewriting the speech at the last moment, following the disturbing announcement by the Russian president“White House sources quoted by Politico said.

Chapter food crisis. Biden again pointed the finger at Moscow: “Russia tells lies on the food crisis: sanctions explicitly allow it to export food. It is Moscow that is causing the food crisis and must solve it“.” Our sanctions have explicitly allowed the export of food and fertilizers “to avoid a world food crisis, said the US leader.

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