Record bills of 100 thousand euros: “A massacre between now and 2023”

One hundred and ten thousand euro bill. It is the holiday gift that an entrepreneur from Brescia in the steel sector received. It is not the first and it will not be the last. «It is the highest bill ever – he tells the newspaper – last year the bill was 17,400 euros. And in August? “We are closed but having to keep the ovens to a minimum we have simulated that at the current costs we will have a bill of 35 thousand euros”.

«The industries should have covered themselves but few have done so. In September 2021 the price of gas exploded », recalls Dodo Beltrami, who was the first to launch the energy lockdown hypothesis. «Then everyone thought that prices would go down, but instead the war breaks out. The situation is desperate because the baseload of electricity for September is at 510 / MWh, an unsustainable level ».

Gas traders are going crazy, there is an out-of-control speculation on the price of energy, between options and bank hedges. With a very high risk of default, because operators after the Aid Decree cannot modify contracts until April 2023, a deadline that Codacons asks to be extended further. But if the operators can’t renegotiate the prices they go bankrupt, and the costs will still be passed on to the bills. And even the money of those who cannot pay their bills will end up being “socialized”. And who pays? “Someone is speculating on the skin of Europeans,” concludes Beltrami.

“We are not perceiving the disaster that will arrive in the months of September, October and November – says the president of Grafica Veneta Fabio Franceschi – between mortgages, bills and an increase in primary goods” which grew between 2021 and 2022 by 72.4% “. We need more corporate welfare: workers and entrepreneurs, employees and companies must come together. The gasoline race does not stop, inflation does not spare even the pizzeria.
«But if I give 200 euros to one of my employees I have to give 300 to the state – says Franceschi – Efforts to help their employees should be exempt from contributions. Otherwise it will be a massacre ».

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