Record! Fame MMA celebrates an exorbitant feat. They don’t stop

The founders of the Polish organization Fame MMA, focusing mainly on freak galas and fights based on MMA and boxing, are, among others celebrities known from television programs. A lot of youtubers, influencers and characters known from the broadly understood Internet world took part in the organization’s events.

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Khalidov was asked about his mental health. He surprised with the answer

Khalidov was asked about his mental health.  He surprised with the answerKhalidov was asked about his mental health. He surprised with the answer

Growing interest in Fame MMA

The level of the galas, as well as the interest of fans, have been systematically growing from year to year. On the occasion of the 10th jubilee gala, access in the form of PPV was purchased by over 500,000 people. Thanks to this, Fame MMA has the opportunity to further develop and invite more stars to fight.

No wonder that each subsequent gala delights fans and viewers even more. In addition, events before the galas themselves, such as exchanges of views of individual participants or official training demonstrations, are also very popular.

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Fame MMA celebrates record of PPV packages sold

The last 12th edition of Fame MMA was very successful, during which the record for PPV packages sold was broken. One of the co-owners of the organization, Krzysztof Rozpara, said about it in an interview with “Fightsport”. – We have a new record, although we do not know yet how big the result is. The events of the last days before the gala had a positive impact on increasing sales – he revealed.

Marcin Wrzosek - Cassius 'Don Kasjo' ŻycińskiWill the Fame MMA star fight at KSW? Surprising words from the head of the federation

During the Fame MMA 12 gala, there were a few very interesting fights, which actually excite fans to this day. The loudest was primarily about the two victories of Cassius “Don Kasjo” Życiński, as well as the clash between Jacek Murański and Arkadiusz Tańcula.

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