Record of electricity prices on the Polish Power Exchange

Yesterday, the Polish Power Exchange broke a record for electricity prices in the TGeBase index. Due to the high level of emissions associated with its production, the cost of purchasing CO2 certificates has a key impact on energy prices in Poland. Their price has just exceeded the level of EUR 70 per tonne for the first time.

Yesterday, the Polish Power Exchange recorded an increase in the average electricity price in the TGeBase index to a level of as much as PLN 745.43 / MWh with a large daily trading volume of 93.5 GWh.

Yesterday, the energy price measured by the TGePeak index was also a record – it amounted to PLN 919.54 / MWh, while the TGeOffpeak index reached the level of PLN 464.88 / MWh.

The day before, the price of electricity in the TGeBase index amounted to PLN 657.48 / MWh with a turnover of 51.8 GWh, and a week earlier it was still PLN 471.93 / MWh.

Last month, on the TGE futures market, the weighted average price of an annual contract with band delivery in 2022 (BASE_Y-22) was PLN 442.77 / MWh, which was an increase by PLN 41.85 / MWh compared to the corresponding price of this contract from the price from the previous month.

In September, the average BASE_Y-22 price amounted to PLN 400.92 / MWh, which means that it was higher by PLN 39.77 / MWh compared to the corresponding price of this contract in August 2021.

The average price weighted by the trading volume on the Day-Ahead Market was 467.12 PLN / MWh in October, an increase of 1.42 PLN / MWh compared to the previous month, and also the next highest monthly price in the history of this market.

In September, the average monthly price of electricity on the DAM was 465.70 PLN / MWh, an increase of 82.28 PLN / MWh compared to the previous month.

The electricity trading volume on TGE in October amounted to 24.16 TWh, which meant an increase of 3.4%. compared to October 2020. A month earlier, the turnover amounted to 25.61 TWh, which meant an increase by 35.8%. compared to the volume as of September 2020.

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