Recording from Slovakia. On the highway, she stared at her smartphone – o2

Undoubtedly, 2022 did not start very well for the participants of the accident in Slovakia. On January 2, there was a collision of two cars on one of the local highways, which could be avoided in a very simple way. The injured person showed a video that he recorded with a driving recorder.


The video was published on YouTube by the “STOP Pirat” channel. The author also sent a short message explaining the backstage of the incident. The video shows a sudden collision in the rear of the recording vehicle, which caused his car to hit the railing with great force while spinning.

Soon after the accident, the cause of the incomprehensible collision was found. It turned out that the perpetrator of the Mazda was using a phone while driving. As he stared at the device, he did not notice that he was approaching the author’s car, so there was a collision.

Emergency services intervened at the scene. Fortunately, nothing serious happened. The author of the recording decided to distribute it as a warning to others not to use a mobile phone while driving.


This recording is a warning for all those who cannot put their mobile phone in a safe place while driving. At highway speeds, such fun involves driving even several dozen meters without looking at the road, and then anything can happen – wrote the author of the recording.

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