Red Bull and Verstappen as villains in F1 film?

Red Bull boss Christian Horner expects his team to be portrayed as the ‘bad guys’ in the upcoming Formula 1 film.

Lewis Hamilton was heavily involved in the film’s production while Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff also lent the use of his team’s logo to the fictional team “APXGP”.

Horner is delighted to see the Championship represented in this way, but given that the titanic battles between the two teams are still fresh in everyone’s memory, he joked that he was ready to see Red Bull seen as the ” bad guys “ when the movie comes out.

“It’s great that, once again, Formula 1 is on the big screens”Horner said of the film’s production at ESPN.

“With Toto and Lewis as executive producers, I’m sure we’re going to be portrayed as the bad guys”he laughs.

“But it’s great for the sport, it’s great for Formula 1, and the interest in the championship is just amazing.”concludes Horner.

As a reminder, the film which should be called “Apex” will feature Brad Pitt as an F1 veteran coming out of retirement to help out a back-to-back team.

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