Red Bull Bragantino beat Corichiba and advanced to the G-4 in Brazille Rylan

This Sunday (6th) is Red Bull Bragantino I went to play against Estadio Kout Pereira Korichiba The only goal in this match is valid until the 18th round. brazilian championshipSolisso scored a goal in the 18th minute.

As a result, the Sao Paulo team reached 31 points. This is the same number as the Sao Paulo team. Palm treeIt was 4th place, which exceeded the goal difference. Bragantino has 8 wins, 7 draws and 3 losses this season. On the other hand, the team in Parana has continued to fight for demoted, maintaining 14 points, and ranked 18th in the leader board Z-4.

In the next section, Kokusa will play against Neo Kimica Arena. Letter for Corinthians – Sunday (13th) 4:00 pm (Brazilia time).Next, the total amount is Basque The next day (14th) 9:00 pm, Navi Abbi Chedid Stadium.

Pedro Caixinha’s side will also turn their attention to international conflicts in the middle of the week.Thursday (10th) 21:00, Bragantino American-MG In the second leg of Round of 16 CONMEBOL SudamericanaThe first match ended with a 1-1 draw.


In the match, Kout Pereira was balanced, and Corichiba also retained the ball, but could not threaten Bragantino with power. However, the duel scenario changed 18 minutes into the game.

That was when Luan Candido scored a ‘cone’ after launch and the ball landed at Vitiño’s feet. On the side, the attacker made a great move personally, crossing the second beam. Then Sorriso showed up in a cart and struggled to push it into the net to take the lead.

Due to unfavorable conditions, manager Thiago Kosloski was forced to make a change in the first half. Koksa’s coach pulled midfielder Andrey off the field and replaced him with striker Garces. The change had little effect and the home side remained largely non-functional in attack.

After a very lackluster first half with 26 offenses and five yellow cards, Bragantino had the most submissions, but Coritiba’s goal in the final stage. In the 16th minute, Marcelino Moreno received inside the area and spun to beat Clayton. However, Carlos Eduardo Nunez Braga ruled out the offside decision directly from the VAR booth.

After the disallowed goal, the match went on cooldown. The home side continued to lead and look for goals, but Pedro Caixinha’s Bragantino controlled the action and managed the result.

data sheet

Coritiba 0 x 1 Red Bull Bragantino

local: Kute Pereira, Krichiba (PR)

Referee: Yuri Elino Ferrira da Cruz (RJ)

assistant: Cresbert Lucio Hill (SC) and Luis Claudio Legazone (RJ)

VARs: Carlos Eduardo Nunnes Braga (RJ)

yellow card: Bruno Gomez, Andrey, Jamerson (Coritiba). Sipurino, Bichinho, Andres Ultado, Luan Candidid, Juninho Capishaba (Bragantino)

Red card: Tiago Coslosky (coach) (Korichiba)

public: Number of fans 34,010

the goal: Sorisso, Q1 start 18 minutes (Bragantino)

Coritiba: Gabriel; Nathanael (Diogo Batista), Kuscevich, Enrique, Jamerson. Andrei (Garces), Bruno Gomez (Edu), Mateus Bianchi (Sebastian Gomez). Marcelino Moreno, Diogo Oliveira, Caio Cesar (Francellogio)

engineer: Tiago Kosloski

Bragantino: Clayton. Andrés Hurtado (Aderlan), Luann Patrick, Cipriano (Guilherme Lopez) and Juninho Capixaba. Mateus Fernandez (Yani Quintero), Lucas Evangelista, Luann Candido. Sorisso, Bichinho (Thiago Volvas), Eduardo Sasha (Gustavinho)

engineer: Peter small box

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