Red Dead Online

Rockstar Games has recently updated Red Dead Online with some new features: we read all the details.

Rockstar Games has unveiled the latest news available on Red Dead Online. First, players have access to a new Legendary size placed on the heads of the main Owlhoot family members.

Those who wander around the border during the week will receive 200 RDO $ free for having taken part in the game. Furthermore, by taking part in a Free Roam event for the Roles, an exclusive object can be obtained. We find out more details through the official communiqué:

Responsible for the brutal murders of countless innocent travelers, on the heads of the main members of the Owlhoot family, a bounty was placed, with immediate effect.

Currently operating in the Rio Bravo, this notorious band of desperados is sought after for multiple accusations of barbarism and murder in and around the Benedict Pass. It is imperative and of the utmost urgency that these dangerous criminals be called to answer for their wrongdoings by October 7, by capture or by death. It is advisable to approach this group with extreme caution, perhaps resorting to the help of trusted Bounty Hunters in an attempt to capture more wanted ones at the same time.

The bounty hunters with a license can accept the legendary size missions by consulting their posters at the nearest size bulletin board. Once you complete a Legendary Size mission, you can replay it at a higher difficulty (represented by the number of stars on the poster), starting it from any size bulletin board.

Word of the existence of a rare and very precious Condor Egg. We, therefore, invite the most acute Collectors to join the research. Keep your eyes focused on the sky (after all the condors tend to hover over there), but beware of lurking outlaws, eager to fill their pockets. The first player who finds the egg can keep it and do what he wants. The Free Roam Condor Egg event is available to all Collectors in rank 4 or above: wait for the right invitation as you explore the world in Free Roam.

The hunting hatchet: a brutal and tremendously sharp weapon, created to tear flesh and bones into an equal measure. It is now available at receivers in Saint-Denis, Van Horn, Rhodes, and the Emerald ranch.

Defend your loot from enemy assailants and make it rain bullets using the manual target in War booty (Manual aim), which can be started via the Online menu.

Those who will haunt the frontier this week will receive 200 RDO $ for free for playing Red Dead Online, while completing any Free Roam Roles event, such as the new Condor Egg event, you can get an exclusive Poncho Fuentes in a red version and black. As if this were not enough, the Bounty Hunters who will successfully bring the Owlhoot family to justice by October 7 will be rewarded with a bonus of 5 Tomahawks.

Players of Red Dead Online who have set up 2-step verification on their Rockstar Games Social Club accounts will receive a bonus of 2,000 PE of the Club, plus a new, exclusive color of the elegant, but still practical, Gilet Morales. Gifts should be available within 48 hours of accessing Red Dead Online.

Discover all the rewards of the game and the events of this week by consulting the Social Club events page.

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