Red Dead Online

Bounty hunters, traders, and collectors will make their debut today

Red Dead Online will see the arrival of the Professional del Frontiera update today, which will introduce some new specialized roles to use with the online platform of the Rockstar Games title.

Specifically, the update will introduce three new figures in Red Dead OnlineBounty Hunters, Merchants, and Collectors. Each of them will allow players to make progress and get unique rewards.

The Bounty Hunter is a vigilante who precisely captures criminals to hand them over to the law in exchange for a reward. To unlock this role you need to hire the legendary bounty hunter at Rhodes and purchase a license, free for Twitch Prime subscribers who have linked their account to the Social Club by September 8th.

The missions for Bounty Hunters are more and more complex, but to complete them you can count on a series of exclusive skills and objects that include concentration, reinforced lasso, extra space for tonics, bolas and more.

The Merchant is a border resident who starts a business to sell items. To start this activity, you need to pick up the mail and sign an agreement with Cripps and his new outlet, starting with an investment in a Butcher’s Table (free for PS4 users).

Taking advantage of the experience of Cripps we will be able to obtain valuable resources such as furs, skins, and meat, delivering the raw materials for the production of objects and equipment to be put on sale.

Skills and exclusive items for Merchants include a stew pot, extra space for ingredients, ability to identify rivals, training a watchdog, a trunk for weapons and an improvement inefficiency.

Finally, the Collector is a figure who knows how to recognize rare, precious and exotic objects. To start this business you need to visit the traveling seller Madame Nazar and buy the Collector’s Bag, free by collecting the 54 RDR2 playing cards in GTA Online.

Among the objects and the exclusive abilities of the Collectors, there is the divination to detect precious objects in the vicinity, a tool to unearth buried collectibles, an improvement for the exploration and the saddlebag, as well as for the binicolo.

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