Red Dead Redemption 2 “close to realism”. The gameplay on the RTX 3090 shows the new quality of the game

Rockstar’s big production shines again. Red Dead Redemption 2 has been refined with ray tracing and a series of modifications to ensure a new quality of gameplay. What is the game world like in 8K resolution? Check out an interesting show.

Red Dead Redemption 2 still hasn’t got the next-gen update, but the production in the standard edition was amazing. However, players are still trying to improve the position by using the latest technology to start it and pampering the scenes with subsequent modifications.

Digital Dreams has prepared material that it believes makes Red Dead Redemption 2 is “close to realism”. The creator used a powerful PC (Ryzen 9 3900x 4.5Ghz, Corsair Vengeance 32Gb, ASUS TUF RTX 3090) to be able to set the production to the maximum settings, and additionally used a number of modifications – including files that are to provide the game with a photorealistic setting.

In the film you will see a lot of nice-looking views – it is definitely worth paying attention to the details of the main character, his mount or grass. It looks really great. Ray tracing makes itself felt in the city, where we have the opportunity to see how reflections appear on wet streets.

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