Red Dead Redemption 2 Released on PC, Play Experience Becomes Better

Jakarta – After being waited for by lovers of AAA games (read: triple-A) around the world, finally on November 5 Rockstar launched Red Dead Redemption (RDR) 2 to the Windows PC platform.

Initially, the game was only released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles on October 26 last year.

RDR 2 received positive reviews from game critics around the world and in Indonesia. The game mechanism, graphics, and storyline in RDR 2 are considered amazing. But for some people, maybe the experience of playing on a console at that time was not too cool.

Well, the release of RDR 2 on the Windows PC platform will certainly open up new experiences. The following is a summary of the fun experience playing RDR 2 on a Windows PC.


Playing games on a PC allows players to make various customizations, as well as selecting graphic levels according to computer specifications.

Previously, graphics processing only relied on the strength of the console, but on the PC the players could raise the graphics to a higher level even to the maximum level. So the resulting image will be very real. But before that, make sure you don’t use a potato PC first.


When it was first released through the console, the frame rate of RDR 2 was deliberately limited by Rockstar as the developer of the game and could only be played at a maximum of 30 Frames Per Second (FPS). While on the PC, you can be more comfortable playing because high FPS can make gameplay smoother.


The experience of playing on consoles so far is less fun when used to play online, especially on the PlayStation 4 console. Players often feel problems with the online system on the console made by Sony. PlayStation 4 is considered not able to provide maximum online play or multiplayer experience for its users. Now, with the release of RDR 2 on Windows this time, the experience of playing online will be much more enjoyable because there will be a significant obstacle.


Playing on PC allows indie developers to make various customizations on this RDR 22. In the future, RDR 2 players will find more diverse mods that they can buy or download if they are bored with the default game view.

Rockstar is already known as a game developer who is not stingy about the customization that other people do for the game. Examples of what can be seen in other games made by them such as Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), many mods that can be downloaded to change the appearance or even the mechanism of the GTA V. It’s no wonder GTA V is one of the most successful selling games in the world, success that of course also continues on Red Dead Redemption 2.

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