Red Dead Redemption, John Marston “Forgets” the Gun in a Duel

Just like in the second installment of the Rockstar Games series, Red Dead Redemption is a popular open-world western that features an engaging and deep storyline with great attention to detail.

While not presenting the same incredible details present on Red Dead Redemption 2, the first title of the saga certainly presents several moments unforgettable by the fans, especially thanks to the charisma of the protagonist, John Marston.

Many fans would like to see a remake of the first chapter soon: while waiting for Rockstar Games to decide to please them, there are those who have used the second Red Dead Redemption to recreate some of the most iconic images.

The iconic John Marston was also introduced within GTA V, even if it is only a quote and not the arrival of the actual character.

As reported by Game Rant, despite the great attention to detail it can always happen to fans to happen in some bugs, able to provide certainly funny and unexpected events.

This was the case with Reddit user ShadowyPepper who, after completing the game of poker in Mexico, suddenly realized that John Marston had ” forgotten ” a very important item.

At the end of the game, the protagonist will have to duel with his gun: it is a pity that, in the case of the user, it seems that John Marston has left it at home.

You can see for yourself this bizarre event in the screenshot posted by the user on the forum dedicated to the western title of Rockstar Games:

Was playing RDR 1, got to the Poker Game in Mexico and John forgot something rather important in the showdown duel. from reddeadredemption


Fortunately for the user, it was only a visual error: for some curious reason, the game did not load the firearm model, however, it can be used without problems by our hero.

This obviously caused a general sense of hilarity in the comments, which pointed out that John Marston is so powerful that to kill opponents he just needs to point his fingers at his opponents.

As for Red Dead Redemption 2, fans are still managing to discover many secrets, like an animation of the game that had never been seen before.

Another fan also discovered a curious glitch that could provide a trick to easily escape from bounty hunters.

With the use of some mods, it is also possible to change the plot of the game: a user saved Lenny by becoming a real superhero.

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