Red Dead Redenption – for which I love the story of John Marston

I consider the film to be the weakest link in the cycle. Apart from the classic film library, my approach to games was no different. Red Dead Revolver didn’t capture me at all, perhaps because of its too striking resemblance to Grand Theft Auto just after 2001. This world did not engage the senses as it was six years later. What is the million-line Red Dead Redemption code for Rockstar’s rich history? Probably the same as The Last of Us against Naughty Dog. A proof that the studio will find itself in almost any setting, without any mistake. Rockstar’s San Diego Life Project made me take a different look at Western themes.

It is a real art to convince us through the presented world, which is the best of the scenes of the character festival to which Rockstar has accustomed us, starting with Vice City. No irony associated with the actual state of modern refreshment. The scenario set just before the end of the Wild West times is thousands of kilometers traveled, probably with the development of the best horse riding model in history. I would never say that we were dealing with a “GTA clone” based solely on gunslinger duels. For John Marston, they were only an interesting addition to the life of a bounty hunter trying to fix the future at the expense of a less bright past.

True story

Red Dead Redemption by Rockstar

Rockstar San Diego proved technical ambition in the distant past. Before it was officially established under this name. Part of the older team was already operating under the name Angel Studios. Founded in 1984, it is responsible for one of the most impressive ports of a famous game in history. It was a risky version of the unforgettable Resident Evil 2 for Nintendo 64. How to fit almost 1 gigabyte of data on a cartridge with a capacity several times smaller? The key to success turned out to be numerous compromises in quality and strong compression. The number of tricks used to this day is impressive considering the date of this transfer. What mattered was the end result. We managed to fit FMV sequences, which was theoretically impossible in the N64 standards. Experts to this day indicate the version for the Nintendo console as a signpost of effective porting of games between platforms.

The company joined Rockstar in 2002 as a San Diego branch. We did not expect that almost a decade later we would be able to play the title that takes up the twilight of the Wild West, which is often mistakenly referred to as the western equivalent of the grand grand of cars. This is something maybe not so much better than stronger. It is a scenario written with the constant need to change and repair past mistakes. A story centered around former Williamson gang member John Marston has proven that there is no getting away from it. Hence it seems very authentic, almost real. Today, the commercial legacy of the Houser brothers is under fire due to one stumble in the revamped Grand Theft Auto trilogy. The mocking nature of players spares no one, no matter what merit has been attributed to a given company in the past. Rockstar still remains a developer with immediate credit of trust. We should not see mere refreshment as a dishonor in the honor of the company. Even at best, sometimes there are small mishaps. I had the pleasure to check Red Dead Redemption on PlayStation 3.

Again, the studio decided to shift the narrative in a more mature direction. The situation is analogous to Gran Theft Auto IV describing the myth of the American dream of power with the participation of Nico Bellic. To this day, I maintain my position, according to which it is a better game than still printing banknotes, a more colored fifth installment. Meanwhile, let’s go back to somewhere around 1910, when America’s progressive industrialization began to take its first harvest. Industrial concerns absolutely wanted to take over the lands of the inhabitants, Native Americans fought for their rights with the last of their strength, while the sunset along the prairie heralded the last days of the epoch, on the basis of which many a cinema blockbuster had been shot. Red Dead Redemption, in turn, caused me a sudden interest in the western. And this is an art in itself.

Old customs, a different reality

Red Dead Redempion for PC

Accustomed to a gangster drive through the streets of Liberty City or Los Santos, listening to various radio stations, the new game could surprise them. The urban, more modern environment has been replaced by echoes of the past, sometimes of alienation in a world full of the unknown. Packs of wild animals running on the roads, bandits lurking around the corner or small-town feuds. This is only part of the beautiful and 100% engaging world of Red Dead Redemption. Although I am a fan of the third Witcher myself, the horse riding model is a showcase of Rockstar San Diego’s life work. Such an impressive level has never been achieved since. The mount had every working muscle, so believe me what was the audience’s reaction in 2010. The Wild Hunt did not come even halfway. All in all, few games do it, only the obvious sequel from three years ago, which is still an example of how to create open worlds written with cinematic narrative.

That is why I would rather refresh the story of Marston and his return to “normality” than another re-edition of the classic gangster, in a form that is not as attractive today as it was years ago. Nostalgia ceased to matter, as can be seen from the opinions of the remastered trilogy. Red Dead Redemption has grown old so beautifully that all you need is the right cosmetic to click the pre-order icon. Now that we’ve entered the iconization, it’s time for the game world map. There was no toilet here, all marked in a minimalist version. The size of the world is impressive so far, all the way to wild Mexico. The character festival organized through the development of the plot or optional tasks is in a class of its own. There is no stale comment here, voice-acting sounds professional both in the performance of the main and supporting actors. We have never felt such immersion with the world before, riding a horse through the western landscape, hooking up on the Armadillo and being challenged to a duel, a favorite mini-attraction. The ending still makes it clear what justice is, even if it comes after many years.

Building a reputation by helping randomized NPCs resulted in general respect among the community. It was nice to walk around the town and bow to the passers-by honored by the presence of the hero. Kind of details, but not insignificantly creating the aura of Red Dead Redemption, in which heroism has a multidimensional meaning. We raided the train to help the assaulted woman in an hour. I’ve never been so involved in the game world before. The knockout out of my personal desire to be part of this Wild West reality was the sensational addition, Undead Nightmare. Rockstar has proved that if it decided to create games with zombies in the background – Techland would have very serious competition. Red Dead Redemption remains the undisputed winner of the seventh generation of consoles, a monument to the then dominant Western school of game development. It is still the inspiration behind the creation of action games with an open world. How do you remember this still fantastic project?

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