Red eyeshadow: who is it good for and how to apply it

It is one of the most popular colors in general, especially in terms of make-up: it is not just the lipstick that is redalso eyeshadow in these shades it can become the true protagonist of the entire make-up. Although red eyeshadow can look good on virtually any type of incarnate and face, there are some precautions to take into account when using it: word of the most famous make-up artists in the world, who choose it with due attention for the faces of actresses and celebrities. Let’s see together how to bring out the best from red eyeshadow, starting from the basics.

The magic and emphasis of red eyeshadow, suitable for everyone

The red eyeshadow began to make its disruptive scene on celebrities, starting from about 2017, when a young Kristen Stewart she chose it for her make up. It is no coincidence that the actress was the protagonist of the Twilight saga, and it is well known that the red eyeshadow on her eyes, if used with a certain “skill”, can certainly attract a rather “vampire” look. Also recently back in fashion, it was seen on the eyes of Chiara Ferragni, Rita Ora and Emily Ratajkowskijust to name a few.

Red has always been a protagonist, intense color that manages to be complete even on its own. We have said that it looks good on everyone but clearly manages to give that something extra when combined with its color complementary and then to the green eyes. In any case, the red eyeshadow declined in the right shade can enhance anyone’s gaze, just think of the typical Indian make-up in which it is often the protagonist, or the particularly dark complexions: red manages to emphasize even the darkest and most intense colors.

Here are other useful tips to use red eyeshadow without running into an unpleasant vampire effect:

  • As for the application, if the red eyeshadow is of type mattebetter to opt for a classic smokey eyes, all around the eye.
  • In case of red eyeshadow metallizedglittery or pearlescent, you can only apply it on the mobile eyelid and maybe combine it with a classic black eyeliner.
  • To avoid a too aggressive look, in case of red eyeshadow you can think of to avoid lipsticks that are too pink or too intense in general, and that can somehow steal the show from red lipstick.
  • As for the lipstick, the rule of respecting the is also valid for the eyeshadow subdued of the skin. This means with an undertone heat a warmer, more orange shade of red will do, while on the skin undertone cold a colder shade of red will be better married and one that perhaps contains a small and imperceptible hint of blue inside, which serves precisely to cool the shade.

Red eyeshadow, which ones to buy now

Now that we understand how to take advantage of the peculiarities of red eyeshadow, let’s see together which ones we can acquire immediately:

AFFLANO Professional Red Eyeshadow Palette

For those undecided on which shade of red eyeshadow to buy, this palette offers 12 shades: all the product pods are ultra-pigmented and with a matte finish. They are perfect for blending and, why not, combined together.

AFFLANO - Matte Red Eyeshadow Palette

Palette containing 12 shades of red eyeshadow, with a matte finish. Modular and mixable effect

€ 9 on Amazon

Stargazer, eyeshadow, Deep Red

Stargazer, eyeshadow, Deep Red

Modular single eyeshadow, cold red nuance, ideal for creating a red and intense smokey eyes make-up

€ 10 on Amazon

Classic eyeshadow in compact, highly pigmented and long-lasting pod. The eyeshadow blends evenly and easily, and can be applied pure or in multiple layers, depending on the effect you want to achieve. The formula allows the eyeshadow to be distributed evenly, without settling into small fine lines.

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