reduced costs at home by up to 80%

Citizens and businesses are grappling with the unsustainable costs of utility bills. The race to save is inevitable, from household appliances to daily habits. Among the many tips that are promoted is the theme of light bulbs. Replacing traditional lighting systems with the latest generation warm light LEDs can reduce costs compared to the past. Replacing 4 traditional bulbs can result in savings of over 50 euros per year.

Bills, the move of the Shopping Centers

It is no coincidence that the National Council of Shopping Centers (CNCC) among the series of guidelines for its members to reduce energy consumption by 10%, compared to those of last winter, suggested continuing with the replacement of lighting systems. with high energy efficiency solutions, in order to reduce electricity consumption from lighting by more than 20%. The light intensity of the common areas and car parks can be reduced from 20% to 30%. In the car parks it will be recommended to turn off the lights half an hour after closing. The commercial signs (external and internal) must be switched off during closing hours and optimized during the day according to the natural light present in the structures. In the case of temporary signs and decorations, they will be significantly reduced in terms of size and consumption, favoring LED technology. The application of energy containment measures will be accompanied by appropriate awareness campaigns aimed at the tenants, workers and customers of the structures. Actions will be shared with the tenants to contain consumption, reduce waste and the “smart” and coordinated use of resources.

Led bulbs, savings on the bill

The use of new LED lamps allows savings on energy consumption immediately visible in the bill. In this regard, the site specialized in lighting offers a very extensive overview of all LED products on the market. LED bulbs have unique characteristics that are revolutionizing the world of lighting. Specifically, compared to other bulbs, they have a longer life cycle (they last longer, over 50,000 hours) and less energy expenditure (they consume less, on average between 3 and 11 Watts per hour). Traditional products generally reach 4000 hours of life, therefore it is easy to understand that the first big saving is related to the frequency of purchase of the product, which will be very reduced.

The differences

An incandescent lamp can consume up to 60 Watt / h, against the 3-11 expected for the LED. In this sense, the use of the latter allows you to save up to 80% of energy. This may already be enough to understand how much the transition to LED products proves to be advantageous in terms of savings. Yet, the benefits of this choice do not end there. In fact, LED products are also advantageous in terms of performance. Specifically, the new technology of LED bulbs does not involve flickering of the light, which has always been considered annoying and disturbing for the eyes. The luminous flux is therefore much more stable and homogeneous when compared with that of the incandescent lamp. This feature is highly appreciated especially in work environments where greater concentration is required.


As you can read on, another interesting example is to compare these consumptions to the monthly costs of our bills. The average is 30 cents per kilowatt which compared to a light bulb turned on for 8 hours a day in our home if the bulb is incandescent, the monthly cost will be around 6 euros, if instead it is LED it will be around 50 cents. The last thing that is important to know is that this type of light bulbs cost more, usually at least double if not triple, compared to normal ones, but we have seen that already in a few months the investment is re-entered.


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