“Refuses”. Calenda drops the mask and runs away from confrontation

Cheeky, bold, lion-hearted. Yes, but only as long as it comes to attacking opponents. Easy, in that case, to make a big voice and flex your muscles. TO Carlo Calendahowever, this exercise of bravado is also very successful. However, faced with the hypothesis of a comparison vis à vis or a healthy duel at the tip of ideas, the daring recklessness of the leader of Action seems to fail suddenly. Otherwise, it is not explained the indiscretion according to which the former Minister of Economic Development refused to be interviewed at Versiliana by the editor of ilGiornale, Augusto Minzolini.

This was revealed by the director himself in a Tweet. “I have just learned that Calenda refuses to be interviewed by me at Versiliana. It makes me laugh“, Minzolini wrote on social media, adding a timely comment.”As Don Abbondio used to say: ‘Of course the courage if one doesn’t have it, he can’t give it…’. Precisely pseudo liberal without courage“In fact, the attitude of the leader of Action is somewhat strange; rejecting a blatant confrontation just over a month after the vote, then, is certainly not the best business card with which to present oneself to the voters and public opinion.

And to think that, just a few days ago, it was Calenda himself who threw the glove dialectical challenge. Replying on social media to Silvio Berlusconi, who in a tweet had scolded him for having “deceived moderate voters“, the fearless leader of Action had proposed to the Knight a public confrontation moderated by Minzolini himself. “Let’s make a nice televised comparison. Where she wants. Even at her house. Also on Rete4. Also moderated by Minzolini. Confident appearance“, Calenda had written, showing off a certain boldness. Too bad, however, that, faced with the concrete possibility of answering the questions of the editor of ilGiornale, ours would then have pulled back. On this point, Minzolini’s comment was not long in coming.”And to think that two days ago he said so … As they say in Rome, the pump does not stand up to him“.

To think badly of others makes you sin, but often you guess, argued a dean of politics like Giulio Andreotti. Well, in this case, someone could easily interpret Calenda’s “retreat” as a move to escape the precise criticisms recently received by Minzolini himself. In fact, giving readers his point of view, the director had stigmatized the chaotic turn to the left of the leader of Action and criticized his surreal astonishment at the presence of Fratoianni and Bonelli in the red anti-center-right crowd.

These observations could have been the starting point for a fruitful and frank dialogue. Someone, however, raised the white flag even before the dialectical duel began.

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