Regionals Sicily, Musumeci retires and the Lega – Forza Italia axis launches Prestigiacomo. Ira di Meloni: “He was on the Sea Watch with the Pd”

Nello Musumeci steps aside, this time for good. And Lega and Forza Italia challenge Giorgia Meloni launching the candidacy of Stefania Prestigiacomo as president of Sicily. The island that seemed destined to be on this tour peripheral in major national political negotiations – the regional will take place on the same day as the policies – it regains its space. If at the national level the center-right seems to have archived, at least for the moment, any internal fractures, in the Region the situation is very different. And it could soon affect national reports as well. But let’s go in order.

Musumeci’s step back – After months of back and forth Nello Musumecithe governor who resigned three months in advance of the natural expiration of his mandate to facilitate election day, announces the intention not to want to reapply. “Enough of this endless black market of names. Look for a candidate who meets your needs. I realize that I am an uncomfortable president. I sincerely thank you Giorgia Meloni And Ignazio La Russa for the convinced and tenacious support given to me. I’ll be back to being a militant ”, writes the president who is welcomed by Fdi on his Facebook profile. In his future, they say, there is a seat in the Senate with Brothers of Italy.

Prestigiacomo card – Musumeci’s retirement is an assist to the Berlusconians. Gianfranco Miccichèthe man who most of all opposed the re-nomination of the outgoing governor, announces that he has found an agreement with the League of Matteo Salvini: the joint governor candidate will be Stefania Prestagiacomo. She has always been very close to Micciché, deputy of Come on Italy since 1994 and then twice minister in Berlusconi’s governments: for Equal Opportunities between 2001 and 2006 and for the Environment between 2008 and 2011

The Lega axis – Forza Italia – No exchange, therefore: the presidency of Sicily goes to Forza Italia, and the Carroccio will remain the leader of the Lombardy region. To expose himself personally with Salvini – who at first had vetoed Prestigiacomo, guilty of having contested the his line on migrants at the time he drove the Interior Ministry – it was Berlusconi. And so the name of has vanished from the table Nino Minardo, the Sicilian League considered favorite for the race to Palazzo d’Orleans in the event of a Sicily-Lombardy exchange between Berlusconians and Salvinians. “The League proved to be a sensitive party towards the entire coalition. Thanks to Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi who worked for find the solution. We hope that the other allies in the coalition will also demonstrate the same spirit of collaboration. Our candidate Stefania Prestigiacomo he is the best person to challenge the thousand atavistic problems of this region and to manage relations with all the parties of the alliance with intelligence and balance ”, says Miccichè, at this point throwing the ball into the field of Fratelli d’Italia.

Micciché’s threat – The Lega-Fi axis, in fact, openly challenges what is the first party in the coalition. Who supported the name of Musumeci until the end. “It is legitimate that the Brothers of Italy, faced with a candidacy supported by the other forces of the center-right coalition, can reflect and discuss it, even internally ”, Miccichè insists. Which then evokes a veiled threat: “We expect certain convictions to mature, also because the alternative would be only the breakdown of the unity of the center-right“.

The no of Fdi and the Sea Watch case – On the other side, however, they send the threats back to the sender. First it does Ignazio La Russa: “The raving threat of Miccichè to break the center-right coalition in Sicily could become reality“. And then Giorgia Meloni in person he intervenes on twitter to write: “We have always defended the unity of the center-right and we will continue to do so, even in Sicily, where the best candidate for us remains Nello Musumeci”. Then he attacks Prestigiacomo head-on: “One thing, however, we cannot ask ourselves: to support a candidate who got on the Sea Watch with the Pd“. The reference is to the same episode that at first prompted Salvini to veto the Prestigiacomo: in January 2019 – in full yellow-green government – the former minister had risen together with the mayor of Syracuse, to Nicola Fratoianni of Sinistra Italiana ea Riccardo Magi of + Europe, on the Sea Watch 3, the ship carrying 47 people rescued in the Mediterranean that was off the Sicilian city because the Italian authorities did not authorize the landing. Already at the time Prestigiacomo’s gesture caused other center-right exponents to discuss. And today he risks extending the split in the coalition from Palermo to Rome. All 45 days from the policies. Without considering that in parallel something could also move on the opposite front: for tomorrow a summit of the coalition that supports Caterina Chinnicithe MEP of the Democratic Party who won the primaries of the center-left and of M5s. An alliance that exists today in Palermo but has not been shattered in the capital.

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