Regionals Sicily, the counting begins: challenge between six candidates

Tecnè projections: Schifani (cdx) ahead with 41% –

Renato Schifani, who runs for the center-right, is in the lead, with 41% of the preferences, in the regional elections in Sicily. This is what emerges from the second projection prepared by Tecné for Mediaset, with sample coverage of 50%. Followed by Cateno De Luca, of the coalition “De Luca mayor of Sicily” (24.2%), Caterina Chinnici, of the Pd (16.9%), Nuccio Di Paola, of the M5s (15.7%), Gaetano Armao, of Action-Italia Viva (1.5%) and Eliana Esposito, candidate of “Free Sicilians” (0.7%).

Here is the distribution of seats: 62 assigned with the pure proportional system and a 5% barrier at regional level (16 in Palermo, 13 in Catania, 8 in Messina, 6 in Agrigento, 5 in Syracuse and Trapani, 4 in Ragusa, 3 in Caltanissetta and 2 in Enna); 1 seat goes to the candidate for the Presidency of the Region elected and 1 seat to the candidate governor who came second in the preferences. Finally, 6 seats are assigned within the regional list of the candidate for president (so-called list): it is, in essence, a blocked list that functions as a majority prize and allows the coalition connected to the elected President of the Region to obtain the maximum 42 seats at Ars.

The unused seats are distributed, on a proportional basis, to the minority lists that have passed the barrier.

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