Reject Daughter’s Gay Relationship and Stab – Chronicle

He stabbed the girl’s daughter and partner for rejecting their relationship. The homophobic attack took place on 6 August in Salerno and was reported by the two young people to the Carabinieri of Crotone. “My father told us’ I want to do 30 years in prison: do you want to die together? The time has come‘and then it hit us – one of the two girls tells us – My mother witnessed the attack and did not stop my father, on the contrary she tried to stop us while we were running away. “The story was made known by the Campania regional councilor of Europa Verde Francesco Borrelli, who speaks of a “crazy and chilling story.” The story began when the two girls, Francesca and Immacolata, the first 39-year-old from Crotone and the second 23-year-old from the province of Naples, arrived in Salerno to work; in the Campania capital. were hosted in the home of a relative of Immacolata theater of the aggression.

“We both suffered some injuries, but we managed to escape. Until 5 in the morning, however, my father chased us and threatened us. We called 112 and the carabinieri intervened, accompanying us to our home in Salerno to pack our bags and then return to Crotone. in safety – Immaculate recounts – He denies everything today, but we have proof of what he did “. The two girls then returned to Calabria and also went to the emergency room of the Crotone hospital to be treated; on the body they had numerous bruises and minor stab wounds.