Reject the dream job at Ferrari: the case explodes

Andrew Gianello, 28, has become the protagonist of a story that is making the rounds of the web in spite of himself. And for which many users on social networks are criticizing him. The young man in fact refused the dream job of many Italians. He himself thought he would be. However, he had to face the harsh reality. Before making certain choices “you have to think with maturity”, he explained to the newspaper The Arena. Talking about having always aspired to fill a role in Ferraribut that he had to give up.

The dream job at Ferrari, then the interview passed excellently

Working for the Cavallino, in fact, would not have allowed him to live adequately. The young mechanic technician from Cologna, in the Veneto region, in fact explained that, between the not particularly high salary and the costs to be incurred for the transfer to Maranello, “the game was not worth the candle”. Skillful turnerAndrea Gianello graduated from Ipsia and then found a job at the age of 21 at Bertolaso ​​di Zimella, a historic bottling systems company, where he was subsequently hired for an indefinite period.

At the beginning of the summer, however, an interim agency contacted him, looking for a professional figure like his for a mechanical workshop in the province of Modena. As a great fan of Italian cars and engines, the 28-year-old immediately understood that it was a job at Ferrari.

After passing a remote test, a interview aptitude in the company and a cognitive dialogue with the foreman, also previewing the new SUV Thoroughbred in Maranello, Andrea Gianello felt ready to accept and realize his dream. And maybe contribute to the transition to electric cars that Ferrari announced here.

Too low salary and too high rents in Maranello: the reasons for the refusal

Numbers in hand, however, he realized that the salary offered by 1,700 euros gross for three shifts – one day, one afternoon and one night – plus a production bonus of approx 1,000 euros per month it would not have been enough to cover the costs of rent and a life away from his family and his girlfriend, commuting between Maranello and Cologne. At Bertolaso, the 28-year-old also receives a higher salary.

The temporary agency on behalf of Ferrari offered him a contract for a monthrenewable with another of a year. No security for the future, therefore. Reluctantly, the 28-year-old thus had to renounce the offer.

Saying about himself: “I have always been a boy who dreams, but who holds the down to earth“. And underlining that he did not want to take a step longer than his leg, comparing the pros and cons with rationality and maturity. “Unfortunately, apparently, Italy offers little to us young people”, she noted with bitterness, in front of the microphones of The Arena.

Rain of comments on social media, but the unions defend the young man

On social media, many attacked the 28-year-old, even with more or less heavy insults. Accusing him of not wanting to work or not being willing to undergo the mess. Although you have been working for a large company for 7 years already. Others pointed out that a job at Ferrari, although “underpaid“, It would certainly offer him great opportunities in the future.

However, Adriano Poli, secretary of the Fim Cisl of Verona, intervened to defend him, who a The Arena said he understood the 28-year-old’s choice. “I am sure that the young turner from Cologne will be able to satisfy his ambitions even in local companies, without being forced to pack“. To then add that the average salary of a turner must be around 2,000 euros, to which to add overtime and production bonuses.

And therefore that the offer of the temporary agency would not have been in line with the market. However, it should be emphasized that Ferrari has proven itself in the past generous with its employees, even with important paycheck bonuses that we talked about here. Not to mention that the automaker has a stiff code of Conduct. Which also led to the production of a blacklist of celebrities, which you can find here, who can no longer buy Ferraris.

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