Reject the dream job at Ferrari, the salary is too low: Italy offers us little

A young mechanic from Verona forced to refuse his dream job at Ferrari due to a salary that was too low for the costs he would have had to bear: the resounding no to the Cavallino who had already decided to hire him.

Any young mechanic Italian (and not only) dream of one day to work for what is one of the most prestigious car manufacturers in the world, namely the Ferrari. The 28-year-old is no exception Andrea Gianello skilled mechanic turner in the Bertolaso ​​company (world leader among producers of bottling systems) grown up since childhood with a passion for engines and the myth of the Prancing Horse. But he, unlike many others, he had the opportunity to realize his dream but was forced to put it back in the drawer for the “surprise” he was faced with at the moment his hiring had already been decided.

The boy from Cologna Veneta after having brilliantly passed the entire personnel selection process (the videoconference test, the aptitude interview in the company and the final interview with the foreman) he was chosen by Ferrari as the ideal candidate to fill the role for which selection was banned. “It didn’t seem real to mewhen I set foot in one of the most famous car factories in the world. I felt a great emotion and couldn’t wait to tell everyone that I would work for Ferrari. I also saw the new Purosangue SUV in preview“the 28-year-old told the newspaper L’Arena.

At that point, however, when the hiring seemed a pure formality and the dream of the young mechanic now fulfilled, here comes a as sensational as it is exceptional refusal by the same guy. The reason? He suddenly collided with one of the problems that has been gripping the world of work in Italy for some time: too low a salary (far lower than perceived currently from the company where he works) not related to the costs of living that from then on he would have to support.

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The offer put on the table by Ferrari it was in fact of 1,700 euros gross per month for three shifts a week (one day, one afternoon and one night) and to this could also have been added an annual production bonus of 12 thousand euros which would eventually be spread over the 12 months. An offer then much lower than the salary that the 28-year-old, as a skilled worker, receives today in the company where he works since 2015, which has already begun to undermine his willingness to accept.

The big refusal, however, occurs after, having received the offer from Ferrari, Andrea Gianello put a pen and paper to account for the expenses he would have to incur when he had to move to Maranello: the rent of a house (which is around 600 euros excluding utilities), fuel and motorway toll booth to go home on the weekend to see the parents and girlfriend, to which is added an average cost of living higher than that of his Cologne.

Andrea Gianello in front of the Ferrari headquarters in Maranello (photo by L'Arena)

Andrea Gianello in front of the Ferrari headquarters in Maranello (photo by L’Arena)

The sum of all this led to the troubled rejection arrived after several weeks of reflection: “I’ve always been a guy who dreams, but keeps his feet on the ground. I’m not afraid of the risk though before taking certain steps, you need to think with maturity, taking into account the positive and negative aspects of a project. Unfortunately – in fact, the turner mechanic continued, explaining the reasons that led him to make an uncommon choice –, apparently, Italy offers little to us young people: it is cheaper to go to work abroad.

A painful decision that does not seem to have completely broken Andrea’s true dream: “However, the dream of one day working in Formula 1 has not vanished – added the specialized mechanic after the refusal to work in Ferrari -. Maybe, maybe one day I could find a place at Red Bull“said the 28-year-old from Verona with a joke that makes you smile but at the same time also reflect.

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