Relapse? They Record Selena Gómez in Conditions That Are Sad and… the Inevitable Happens!

Selena Gómez

The singer’s attitude has worried everyone.

When she achieved success at such an early age, Selena Gomez did not imagine the impact she was going to have and the popularity she was going to gain that quickly made her a celebrity.

Due to the fame at such an early age, Selena began to have an imbalance in her life that took her away from her loved ones and led her to immerse herself in a relationship with the Canadian Justin Bieber, which ensures that the best decision of her life It was finished.

When the singer learned that the man she loved, only months after the end of her relationship was engaged to the model Hailey Baldwin, she fell into an unimaginable depression.

“Rare” is the artist’s last album, who has said that the songs are related to her ex-boyfriend. Everything indicated that this project definitely left behind all the problems of the past.

However, some friends have published a video in which Gomez is in a past state of drinking, perhaps she will have fallen back on those thoughts and the depression returned.

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In the clip, the actress has a baby with a cup in her hand while lying on a chair, and when she tries to speak, she only manages to babble a few words.

Selena Gomez fans have reacted to this video and are very concerned about the state of the artist, who in the past was on several occasions in rehabilitation.



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