Relativity for sale. Einstein’s manuscript at auction

Bibliographic experts emphasize the special importance of the manuscript, because Albert Einstein left few material mementos, much less writings or documents.

The document was compiled by Einstein and his colleague, the Swiss physicist Michel Besso, between June 1913 and early 1914. Paris-based Christie’s auction house valued it at around three million euros. It will hit the hammer on Tuesday, November 23.

The 54-page manuscript, called the “Einstein-Besso manuscript”, is one of two surviving documents that deal with one of Einstein’s key discoveries. The second is Einstein’s notes kept in the archives of the University of Jerusalem.

– This document presents the work of two researchers who collaborated and competed at the same time. Sometimes they acted in an almost symbiotic manner, as we can sense when we browse through this manuscript. They worked on it in 1913-1914. This is extremely important because Einstein’s pre-1919 papers are extremely rare. Einstein didn’t write much, so the mere fact that this manuscript has survived is amazing, said Vincent Belloy, an expert on Christie’s books and manuscripts.

The theory developed by Albert Einstein in 1907-1915 states that gravity is the result of the curvature of space. Massive objects can affect time and space around them, causing them to curve.


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