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The woman, a mother of two, is studying at the University of Leeds and had returned home for a holiday

Thirty-four years of prison: the maxi-sentence imposed on Salma al Shebab34 years old and two children, Saudi student fromUniversity of Leeds, returned home for a vacation. The woman was indicted for having a twitter account and above all for following and retweeting dissidents and activists. The dramatic story was told in detail by the English newspaper
The Guardian and relaunched in Italy by the agency Askanews.

The story caused a sensation not only in Great Britainbut also in the community of dissidents Saudis living abroad. The sentence of the special tribunal for terrorists was handed down weeks after US President Joe Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia. The case of Salma al Shehab, followed by various international NGOs fighting for human rights, according to opponents of the crown prince’s regime Mohammed bin Salman testifies to the new repression campaign that would have been launched in the country.

The Arab student was initially sentenced to three years in prison for using Internet to provoke public unrest and destabilize civil and national security. Two days ago, an appeal court issued the new sentence – 34 years in prison followed by 34 years of travel ban – on the basis of alleged new elements brought to the court by the prosecutor. According to a translation of the court proceedings, which was viewed by the Guardian, under the new allegations Shehab allegedly helped those seeking to cause public unrest and destabilize civil and national security by following their Twitter accounts and by retweeting their tweets.

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