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With such a simple and innocuous title, the U series could easily go unnoticed. Which would certainly lead to the premature end of production’s existence.

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But thanks to its great script, the show is inspired by the books (perfect hidden body And Do you love me) Of Caroline Kepnes He was successful in getting himself appreciated among the public. First released in 2018, the American psychological thriller television series instantly became an undeniable hit on the Netflix streaming platform.

As a reminder, you tell earthiness of joe goldberg Who is it A serial stalker. This self-styled romantic we followed for four seasons spends most of his time killing people “for love.” A skepticism that no one has been able to reason with the seasons. even his marriage didn’t stop him from continuing the killings, Yet we still hold out hope that it will eventually happen one day.

While looking forward to this blessed day, Season 4 left us with good old Joe roaming the streets of Manhattan with a new conquest in his arms. Which makes us fear the worst for this charming and innocent lady. Especially in this surprise fourth season finale we revealed that Joe, who we thought had gone quiet, Even assuring himself otherwise, he continued the killings. A personality disorder that necessarily heralds an extremely exciting Season 5.

As good investigators, we went in search of clues related to Season 5 of The U. Here is the result of this autopsy in which it is not named.

What is the latest news about season 5 of You?

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  • March 24, 2023: Official announcement of the renewal of the series for a fifth season by Netflix.
  • June 17, 2023: First teaser of season 5 released.

you season 5 official release date

In its message formalizing the new season, the streaming giant indicated that The series will return for the year 2024, Since then, no release date has been announced. But we believe that the upcoming season should follow the same release schedule as the previous four seasons.

Assuming our prediction is true, we must watch the new season will hit our screens in the first half of 2024, However, it remains to be seen to what extent the writers’ strike, which eventually spread to the actors, will affect the filming of this fifth season. Elsewhere it should also be added that the new session should also count ten episodes as the first four, Netflix will take care of streaming them in France as they become available.

Possible cast of AAP season 5

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The official cast list is not yet available. But we already have an idea of ​​who should appear in this fifth season. Penn Badgley (Joe Goldberg) will apparently share the same title Tati Gabrielle (Marianne Bellamy).

It may happen that people like Kate (charlotte richie), Phoebe Borehall-Blaxworth (tilly keeper), Rice Montrose (ed spielers) or Nadia (Amy Leigh Hickman) join Joe in his exile in New York. Apart from them, the new season could be marked by new arrivals and surprise returns. While waiting for more information on this topic, we can already say thatPart of the cast of You Season 5 Should look like this:

  • Penn Badgley :Joe Goldberg;
  • Tati Gabrielle : Marian Bellamy;
  • charlotte richie : Kate Galvin-Lockwood;
  • Tilly Keeper: Phoebe Borehall-Blaxworth;
  • Amy Leigh Hickman : Nadia Faran;
  • ed spielers : Rhys Montrose;
  • Jenna Ortega : Ellie Alves.

What will season 5 of U be about?

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No one really knows what exactly we will be entitled to get in this season 5. for now, The audience has decided to keep it all very secret, However, thanks to the indiscretions of Penn Badgley during a recent interview with Netflix’s personal blog TUDUM, we got some clues.

They are mostly worried about Joe Goldberg’s future on the show. by his confession, Our favorite killer may finally embrace his inner self, This should ensure that his position can develop. in which way ? No one can tell. One thing is for sure, he’ll find marian on the way, The latter is now one of the most romantic killers in his eyes.

If this declaration is confirmed face to face, there is a good chance that she will try to destroy Joe’s life who definitely won’t let it go. blood may still flow,

u season 5 official trailer

As of now, we don’t have the trailer for You Season 5 yet. however, A teaser was unveiled during the month of June, Rest assured, however brief, it is enough to impress. It also marks the return of Ellie (Jenna Ortega) to the cast. The video can be viewed here:

Youtube video

How many seasons are planned for the U series?

We suspected so, but now it’s official. Netflix announced the series through a tweet you will end up with this season 5, Still, as the showrunner promised, this final season lives up to our expectations. We can’t wait to see the final acts of the most heroic killers.


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