RELIVE LIVE – Lazio, Romagnoli: “Now the dream is reality. We are stronger than last year”

FORMELLO – Second day of presentations for the Lazio. After Cancellieri and Casale, today it will be Alessio’s turn Romagnoli and Matias Vecino. Follow the direct written on

Tare takes the floor: “A very nice day, we are pleased to present two great signings. Thanks to the intervention of the president in the final phase of the negotiations. They can greatly enrich the team’s value. Let’s start with Alessio, it’s the dream of a child-fan. that comes true. For many years he had this dream in the drawer, after having met so many times, today we are happy to present him. Great experience, AC Milan captain, he will be a strong player on and off the pitch. As for Matias, an important request made by our coach. With the president we felt it was right to satisfy him, we evaluate him as a great contribution. Even off the pitch, great experience at national and international level. Champions who will give us a great hand “.

Vecino starts, then it’s up to Romagnoli:

When did you realize you could come to Lazio? At the family level, when did you tell the parents? How did they take it?

“I’ve always hoped for it, we’ve been talking about this opportunity for a long time. The will of both of us has always been there. I thank the director and president for this opportunity, it has always been my dream and I was sure I would come here. Mine family supported me in every way, they were very happy like me “.

How do you feel physically? Differences between Pioli and Sarri?

“I’m much better than before, a little bit is still missing. Sarri’s game is more tactical, Pioli was different, it was more one-on-one in large areas of the pitch. This game suits me more and I like it more.”

On welcoming the fans …

“It was exciting, it was very nice to receive such a welcome. They are always here to support the team, now it will be up to us, to me to reciprocate all this affection”.

Lazio and personal goals?

“Team is hitting the Champions League because the team is strong, good group. I have always told director Tare over the years that this is a strong team. For me it will be important to play more than last year despite having had several problems. I have to try to give my best and play as many matches as possible. The main objective, I repeat, is that of the team and is to reach the Champions League. “

Shirt number 13 and Alessandro Nesta …

“The comparison with Nesta cannot be made because every player is different. He was my idol and of many players. I think it is wrong to make comparisons with him. There is a lot of emotion because it is something I have always dreamed of, it is always exciting to come. here”.

Did you hear Nesta? About Mihajlovic …

“I met Nesta but I haven’t talked to him lately. I saw him last year at Milanello when he came to visit us but I didn’t speak to him. It’s the opposite path compared to him: after so many years, a Lazio player back to his team. In my opinion it is a very important step in my life, an important step because it means demonstrating your level, doing something important with this club. In my opinion, last year too he could fight for the Champions League, there it was almost close. When we played against it it was always difficult, then we won all the games but it was always a very strong team. This year we are even stronger. Sinisa? Great person, it was very important for me when I went to Sampdoria and Milan. A point of reference, I will always thank him for this. “

Finally, an invitation for fans to subscribe: “You know how important the fans are to us. We ask you to come because only together can we achieve great goals.”

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