Relive the Champions League Draw – C1 – Draw

Group A: FC Bayern Munich, Manchester United, FC Copenhagen, Galatasaray

Group B: sevilla fc, armory, psv eindhoven, rc lens

Group C: ssc naples, real Madrid, SC Braga, union berlin

Group D: sl benfica, Inter, RB Salzburg, real sociedad

Group E: feyenoord rotterdam, atlético de madrid, ss lazio, celtic glasgow

Group F: Paris Saint Germain, Borussia Dortmund, AC Milan, Newcastle United

Group G: man City, RB Leipzig, Belgrade Red Star, burn young boys

Group H: FC Barcelona, fc porto, Shakhtar Donetsk, Royal Antwerp

7:03 PM: Thanks for watching this live video of the last group draw in Champions League history! Good evening guys, see you on the bus!

6:58 pm: You can find the PSG Chicken here, the lens here, and if you want to get the full draw, it’s here!

6:53 pm: so !! What do you think ? Tough to Paris? “Economical” for lenses?

6:52 PM: And so Antwerp is in Group H to end this draw!

6:51 pm: Celtic with Feyenoord, Atleti and Lazio.

6:50 PM: Lens in Group B with Arsenal, Seville and PSV!

6:49 pm: Galatasaray in Group A! It’s not for the lens!

6:47 PM: Newcastle with Paris! PSG, Dortmund, Milan, Newcastle! What a great group!

6:46 PM: Real Sociedad in Group D!

6:45 pm: We would have seen Rennes in C1!

6:43 pm: And so Copenhagen is in the group of death with Bayern and United. Braga with Napoli and Real!

6:42 pm: Lazio with Atleti and Feyenoord!

6:42 pm: Salzburg lands with Inter and Benfica.

6:41 PM: Team up with Paris and Dortmund! Nice group though!

6:40 pm: Group B for PSV!

6:39 pm: Belgrade with the City and Leipzig!

6:37 pm: Shakhtar with Barcelona and Porto! Maui.

6:36 pm: Come on, Pot 3! Damn it, it’s going fast!

6:35 pm: With Real Naples, with Inter Benfica and with Porto Barca!

6:33 pm: Leipzig will face City for the 23rd time in 5 years.

6:32 pm: Oh Manchester united with Bayern!

6:31 pm: Atlético with Feyenoord in Group E!

6:30 pm.: Arsenal in Group B with Sevilla!

6:29 PM: Borussia Dortmund for Paris! Nice blow but Paris is doing well.

6:28 pm: Let’s go for pot 2! Note that lenses can only be in pools A, B, C, D.

6:27 pm: To eliminate Manchester City in Group G and Barca in H!

6:26 PM: Paris in Group F!

6:25 pm: Sevilla, Napoli and Benfica follow!

6:23 PM: Bayern is the first player to be drawn!

6:22 PM: Let’s head to Pot 1!

6:19 PM: Come on, let’s start.

6:18 pm: The star of the evening arrives on stage: Giorgio Marchetti aka Claudio Ranieri’s lookalike.

6:16 PM: Joe Cole has Eden Hazard.

6:14 pm: Eric Abidal and Joe Cole are the two guests of the evening. LOSC implemented.

6:11 pm: It’s already been there long enough.

6:08 pm: Note the presence of three women in this group of 465 leaders.

6:05 pm: “We will put you in touch with one of our agents. hold the line “.

6:04 pm: Oh, the Champions League anthem on the piano. Score on iPad. Why not.

6:02 PM: Here we go… finally in 30 minutes from my imagination. There it rocks the red carpet.

5:58 pm: Come, I want to see your predictions.

5:55 pm: Two teams from the same country cannot meet (PSG and Lens cannot be in the same pool). There is also the matter of TV broadcasts which means that some pools are out of reach depending on the draw of other teams from the same country.

5:53 pm: I briefly recall the rules for newcomers. We first remove the entire Pot 1. Then draw sequentially for Pots 2, 3 and 4, according to these rules established by UEFA: The computer then indicates the available groups for the drawn club, and a hat is drawn containing balls representing all the groups the club can be included in. One ball is drawn from this hat to determine which group the team will play in. If only one group is available for a team, no draw is made and the team is automatically assigned to this group ,

5:50 PM: Before your astonished eyes, here is the group that RC Lens will form: Manchester City, Inter, Lazio, Lens. You must have read it here first.

5:48 pm: so ? Who do you see with whom? As a world exclusive, I reveal the PSG group: Paris, Atlético de Madrid, PSV and Union Berlin.

5:45 pm: Salluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuoutthegroupix!! I am good ? The day everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived: the draw for the Champions League groups. Last change before the format change for next season. to smell.

Ugarte, Sentinels Little Manual

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