Remember 4 Demi Lovato songs that are pop/rock

Demi Lovato is known worldwide for her biggest pop hits, including “Cool For The Summer”, “Sorry Not Sorry”, “Really Don’t Care”, “Neon Lights” and “Give Your Heart a Break. But her return to the stage and the tour, is marked by a change of musical genre, the singer is bringing back her first musical style, the pop/rock that is present in her first two albums.

Let’s remember 4 songs that may not be very well known, but have a very rock vibe:

1 – Back Around:

The song is featured as a bonus song on Lovato’s first album, “Don’t Forget”, the lyrics send a message of positivity towards bullying.

2 – U Got Nothing On Me

The song is featured on her second studio album, “Here We Go Again”. The lyrics tell about a summer relationship that ended, but Demi ends up realizing that she deserves better.

3 – The Middle

Also featured on the singer’s first studio album “Don’t Forget”, the track is about pursuing a relationship with a mysterious but intriguing man, no matter where it goes or how it ends.

4 – Soil

Present on the second studio album “Here We Go Again”, the song tells the story of a relationship that ends with an emphasis on self-respect.

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