Remember curious facts of the year 1997, year of the Copa Centenario dispute

The year was 1997, and Belo Horizonte was celebrating its 100th anniversary. For the celebration, the Centennial Cup was organized, with the three great clubs of the capital of Minas Gerais, in addition to Olimpia, from Paraguay, Benfica, from Portugal, Milan, from Italy, in addition to Flamengo and Corinthians.

But do you remember what the world was like that year? Remember some interesting facts from that period:

– Bill Clinton begins his second term as President of the United States;

– In Brazil, the Senate approves in the second round the amendment that allows the reelection of mayors, governors and president;

– The president of Brazil was Fernando Henrique Cardoso;

– Paulo Freire, patron of Brazilian Education and author of “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” dies;

– Premiere of the North American design South Park;

– Death of Princess Diana, along with Egyptian businessman Dodi Al-Fayed;

– Cuban singer Camila Cabello is born;

– Gabriel Jesus, soccer player, is born;

– Notorious BIG, American rapper and songwriter, is murdered;

– Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Catholic missionary and blessed, dies;

– John Denver, American singer, songwriter, musician and actor dies;

– Dies Chico Science, singer from Pernambuco, one of the most important names in the manguebeat movement;

– Dies João Paulo (from the duo João Paulo & Daniel);

– The 10 most played songs in Brazil in the year were UnBreak My Heart (Toni Braxton), Palpite (Vanessa Rangel), Lovefool (The Cardigans), Além do Prazer (Só Pra Contrariar), 2 Become 1 (Spice Girls), Ralando o Tchan (É o Tchan), Men In Black (Will Smith), Toma Juízo (Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano), Vem Nha Nhã (Boquinha Da Garrafa Group) and Eu search a star (Gian and Giovani);

– In rock, The Verve (Bitter Sweet Symphony), Oasis (Stand By Me), Limp Bizkit (Faith), Third Eye Blind (Semi Charmed Life), Green Day (Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)), The Offspring (All I Want), Blur (Song 2), Smash Mouth (Walkin’ On The Sun), Foo Fighters (Everlong) and Radiohead (Karma Police);

– In cinema, in 1997, the films Titanic, 007 – Tomorrow Never Dies, Star Trek, Scream, Liar, Dante’s Inferno, Amy Wanted, Michael Collins – The Price of Freedom, What Is It, premiered in 1997. Mate?, MIB – Men in Black, Top Speed ​​2, Casper – Gasparzinho – How It All Began, Anaconda, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Batman and Robin, Los Angeles – Forbidden City, Life is Beautiful, Conspiracy Theory and Kisses that kill.

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