Remote work will be more and more popular?

This is especially visible in the modern business services sector. Candidates also appreciate remote forms of recruitment.

The report prepared in 2021 by the Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) in cooperation with The Adecco Group, Colliers and Mercer shows that the modern business services sector is one of the most important and dynamically developing segments of the Polish economy – both in the period before the pandemic and in the era of COVID-19.

In 2008, it employed 50,000. people, and in 2021 it was responsible for 355 thousand. jobs in over 1.6 thousand. centers.

The ABSL report indicates that the main trends this year are the acceleration of digitization, the change of the working model to hybrid or completely remote, the need to look for new talents and the emphasis on the development of soft skills.

– Remote work is becoming more and more popular year by year, and the global pandemic had a huge impact on it. Our research shows that approx. 30 percent. of candidates applying to the call center, SSC, BPO sector, resign from starting work at the initial stage of recruitment when they find out that there is no possibility of remote work – says the Newseria Biznes agency Marta Czech, Business Unit Manager at the Institute for Human Capital Development, a recruitment and recruitment company -training dealing with job placement and personnel consulting

According to the expert, this trend will continue to gain in importance. And this regardless of the next wave of the pandemic.

– Our research is based on analyzes of current recruitment processes. Comparing the data from 2021 to the previous year, we observe that the number of people applying for a job offer at the time when the remote work opportunity appeared increased by 40 percentage points. – says Marta Czech. – We recently had a client for whom we acquired literally a few interested candidates for a stationary job, but in the event that he changed expectations as to the nature of the work, these results increased 30 times.

The Human Capital Development Institute conducts about 40 processes for our clients monthly and we observe that more and more employers decide to work remotely, although many of our clients still, fearing that the efficiency of their enterprise will decrease, only allow stationary work.

The Adecco Group report shows that 74 percent. employees consider the combination of office and remote work to be the best solution. In turn, data from Mercer, a consulting company, incl. in the area of ​​remuneration and employee benefits, show that in 2020 employers assessed the impact of remote work on employee productivity positively – this was confirmed by as much as 25 percent. Polish respondents, and only 5 percent. described this impact as negative.

The sector of modern business services was one of the first to implement remote work even before the pandemic. It was possible thanks to the development of modern tools, adaptation of processes and systems of cooperation in teams. As the representative of IRKL notes, remote work brings a number of benefits for both sides of the labor market. First of all, it saves a lot of time and money.

– The employer does not invest in renting office space and preparing the workplace, while the employee saves on commuting to the workplace – he lists.

Employers can choose from talent from around the world, and applicants can apply to multinational corporations that they may not have had the opportunity to get into before.

– A great benefit for the employee is also the flexible working time agreed with the employer. He is able to organize himself when he carries out tasks. Thanks to remote work, employees are exposed to less stress. It is known that remote work is associated with many fears and negative impacts, which we can observe in the case of team building and in the case of e.g. creative discussions, brainstorming, information exchange. It is certainly a challenge for employers, but it is not an area that could not be put together, ‘says Marta Czech.

The digital transformation on the labor market is also the transfer of recruitment to online. As the expert of the Institute for Human Capital Development argues, it is a fully valuable tool, effective and desired by both employers and employees.

– Nowadays, nine out of ten Poles are already online and it is really the job that is looking for them, not the job. This is what we do. We appear in the right places, in the right portals and social media, and we are able to find candidates who do not yet know that they want to change jobs or will want to cooperate with a new employer. We do not see any threats in remote recruitment, on the contrary, we believe that it will develop on the Polish market – she emphasizes.

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