Renato Allagan is fired from Crianza Esperanza and causes an accident

Renato Aragon Alongside Trapaljoes, he was the founder of Crianza Esperanza in cooperation with UNESCO and the United Nations. However, some editions did not feature him on the show, and this Monday night (07), the public missed out on Eternal Diddy.

The show’s lack of creators created some weirdness, and despite Globo making history by inviting rival station Eriana to join, the public didn’t put Renato Alagaon in charge of Crianza Esperanza. I was interested in why.


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But as we all know, Renato Allagan is no longer playing as he quit his fixed contract with TV Globo. Until 2019, there were only special appearances, and this was the last stage.

Two days ago Marcos Mion quoted the author of Crianza Esperanza. “This year, in 2023, when I am on the main stage of Crianza Esperanza, it is so inspiring to see footage like this. I have to be so grateful for all the stories of and for all that he represents.For me Crianza Esperanza is Renato Allagan.It’s also Shuksa.These are icons in our lives.”

“Renato, how beautiful that moment was, I swear. It inspires us.” still said

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