Renault ends Kadjar production! The French came up with a new, “even better” name for their SUV

The Renault Kadjar is a compact SUV based on the Nissan Qashaqia architecture. The French introduced it to the market in 2015 and it was produced in both Spain and China. However, it did not have much success in the competitive compact SUV segment. That’s why Renault is planning big changes.

A new SUV from Renault with a new name


According to Carsalesbase, around 565,000 units were sold across Europe, while a further 73,500 were sold in China. For some reason, Renault bosses think it’s mostly to blame for… its name.

Renault’s next compact SUV will be renamed Austral. The French manufacturer has high hopes for this model. The management can’t help but look over the fence and envy Peugeot’s success with its compact 3008. The lion’s SUV brought the brand both fame and money, while the Renault Kadjar barely stayed afloat.

Therefore, Renault has decided to start a new tab with a new SUV. This one is expected to be available on the market in the spring of the new year. The French are at an advanced stage of development and the car is undergoing final tests on test grounds around the world.

Will it be a hit?

The new name Austral for the French compact SUV was already a trademark in … 2005. The name is said to resonate well with European customers and “evokes the spontaneity and heat of the southern hemisphere.” It is easier to pronounce and international, although we associate it more with the Buzz Lightyear.

Along with the name, Renault revealed the exact length of the SUV. It will measure 4.51 meters and will accommodate five passengers. By sharing the foundations with the third-generation Nissan Qashqai, Austral will get a well-known range of gasoline and electrified engines. We can expect both manual and automatic transmissions. If you are counting on a diesel engine, you will be disappointed.

Austral is expected to contribute to Renault’s success in the SUV segment. The French are already enjoying the good results provided by Arkana – the SUV coupé. Renault also has high hopes for the Megane E-Tech electric compact.

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