Renewed, This Is How Chiquis Rivera Celebrates Her 36th Birthday

You forget everything! Lined in a fuchsia pink dress and showing more of her charm, she is like the beautiful singer of a band, Chiquis Rivera celebrates another year of life

The beautiful Mexican regional music singer has caused a stir through her social networks by sharing a message and a couple of photographs that she is turning 36 years old.

Chiquis Rivera found the perfect way to celebrate with all her fans through her social networks one more year of life, sharing two photographs in which she shows off her stunning beauty, accompanied by an emotional message that surely raised her self-esteem.

On June 26, the day the famous woman was born, she showed her curves in a fuchsia pink-lined dress, which perfectly matches her great charm, while lifting her leg to seduce the eye.

With a bottle of wine in hand and a candy, the famous woman makes it clear that she is a confident woman with a lot of life ahead of her, which at some point has been difficult, but has managed to emerge victorious thanks to the commitment and attitude she shows in the face of the circumstance.

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As part of the celebration of this birthday, the famous woman is in a very important stage of her life. Just a few days ago, he caused a stir by publicizing his courtship with Emilio Sánchez, photographer for Becky G and more artists.

Without a doubt, this year marked the history of the successful band exponent, since it is said that she finally signed a divorce after being married to Lorenzo Méndez, from whom she separated a few months ago in the middle of the scandal.

It is worth mentioning that Chiquis Rivera has always shown to be a complete woman in every way, so surely these 36 years are of great learning since she shares everything with her brothers.

Apparently, he inherited the fortitude and positivism of the Diva de la Banda, who showed strength in the face of all the adversity that she experienced in her personal life, which she made public many times.

It is important to emphasize that in these images Chiquis is showing off her beauty and seduction. Now he has everyone surrendered to his feet before so much beauty.

She always knows how to give a special touch to each of her photographs and videos with which she conquers glances and raises the temperature since she is the owner of an irresistible and imposing body. 

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