Rent a car, an infringement can cost you dearly: terrible news for customers

When taking any rental car, you should pay particular attention to the Highway Code: an infringement can be very expensive. This is what we are talking about.

There is one issue that needs to be approached with caution when it comes to renting a car. The one related to fines: what happens when you get a fine on a rental car? Let’s find out together.

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It is necessary to fully understand how the question of fines relating to car to rental: how does it work? In case it happens, the sanction needs to pay it who commits the infringement? Let’s immediately say that the requests of the renters have recently been accepted. So?

It may not seem like good news to many. But we have to analyze it closely. What happens if you drive a car to rental and you get one fine? Who needs to pay it?

Rent a car, that’s who pays the fines

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Who takes one fine with the car to rental should assume the charges to pay the sanction, as it is the author material of the violation road. But things are a bit more complex, since the Code of the Street provides for the principle of solidarity between the owner, driver and tenant of a rental car.

So? The jurisprudence seemed to have confirmed the fact that if the person actually responsible for the violation does not pay as much as he owes, he must answer for it in solid there society from rental. Now, however, an amendment to decree Infrastructure he should have corrected his shot.

It seems, therefore, that he has established that the fine who has to pay it commit the infringement. But will it always be like this?

Fines on rental cars and the principle of solidarity

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The novelty refers to a change to the decree Infrastructure request from associations from category: the issue of the payment of fines to customers of rental companies committed during the duration of the contract had in fact to be regulated in detail.

In practice the norm expects it to be the customer of the rental company a to pay the fine for infringements orders while driving. Rental companies are always required to supply to the offices of police the generality of the subscriber of contract lease.

So the municipalities were right or not to expect from renters the payment of the fines taken by customers? The art. 196 paragraph 1 of the CdS states that “for violations punishable by a pecuniary administrative sanction, the owner of the vehicle or, in his stead, the usufructuary, the purchaser with retention of title or the user by way of lease financial, it is obliged jointly with the author of the violation al payment of the sum from these due, if he does not prove that the vehicle was circulating against his will. In the cases referred to in art. 84 (which regulates the rental without driver, ed) answers jointly and severally the lessee “.

And the comma 4 clarifies that “whoever paid the sum established for the violation has the right of recourse for the whole against the author of the violation itself”.

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